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Cohort Analysis / Tracking Segments

Startup Analytics - Numbers that count

SHANGHAI2010 Startup Analytics Numbers that count Claude Ritter @clauderitter

RJMetrics vs. Google Analytics

"How is RJMetrics different from Google Analytics?" It's a great question, and it's one we hear frequently. Both tools can be extremely valuable, but the truth is that RJMetrics and Google Analytics live and work in separate worlds. We analyze completely different data for very different purposes.

TechCrunch | Twitter Data Analysis: An Investor's Perspective

This is a guest post by Robert J. Moore, the CEO and co-founder of RJMetrics, a on-demand database analytics and business intelligence startup that helps online businesses measure, manage, and monetize better. He was previously a venture capital analyst and currently serves as an advisor to several New York startups.

Cohort study - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A cohort study or panel study is a form of longitudinal study (a type of observational study) used in medicine, social science, actuarial science, and ecology. It is an analysis of risk factors and follows a group of people who do not have the disease, and uses correlations to determine the absolute risk of subject contraction.

Startup Metrics 4 Pirates (Montreal, May 2010)

slides from my talk at Startup Camp Montreal 6 (May, 2010)

The Cohort Analysis by @avc

I was treated to Dave McClure's "Startup Metrics" talk during Seedcamp in London last month. If you have not seen Dave do this talk, do yourself a favor and click on this link and spend a few minutes with the slides. Or even better, go see Dave give it live.

The ideas are simple, but so few actually apply them rigorously. In a nutshell, the methodology is: build, test, measure, iterate, test, measure, iterate, test, measure ..........

Which leads me to the point of this post. Measurement is not a simple thing. What do you measure and how do you measure it?

How to measure if users love your product using cohorts and revisit rates | Andrew Chen (@andrewchen)

Do users really love your product? If they did, how would you be able to tell? I would argue that the single most telling metric for a great product is how many of them become dedicated, repeat users. This angle of thinking naturally leads to a number of metrics around user retention, which we'll examine in this blog post.

Vanity Metrics vs. Actionable Metrics – Guest Post by Eric Ries

Vanity metrics: good for feeling awesome, bad for action. (photo source: UK Guardian) This is a guest post by serial entrepreneur Eric Ries. He was most recently co-founder and CTO of IMVU, which has more than 20 million registered users and generates $1,000,000+ in revenue per month.

Redeye VC: After the Techcrunch Bump

I see many consumer Internet pitches these days where the basic marketing strategy is to (1) get covered by Techcrunch, (2) get tens of thousands of users from the "Techcrunch Bump", and then (3) "grow virally". While a positive Techcrunch review has the potential to send thousands of consumers your way, it does not represent a marketing plan.

Steven Blank Kills It at Greycroft CEO Summit

I'm typing this from the lawn of Alan Patricof's "Greycroft" home in East Hampton - my first time in the Hamptons. Greycroft is Alan's venture capital firm that recently raised its second fund ($130 million) with offices in both New York and LA. We learned this weekend that it was named after his East Hampton home.

Lean Analytics For Startups

What do web startups need to watch? This deck looks at "lean analytics" for startups, showing what metrics you need to track for a web-based business and what d

Data-Driven Startups

Learn the 3 Steps to Data-Driven Startup Enlightenment. Originally presented at the Lean Startup Circle Meetup in Cambridge, MA on July 22, 2010.