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20 Life Hacks for Your Beauty Routine - Daily Makeover

As much as we love our beauty routine, it takes a lot of time and effort to get ready in the morning. That's why we appreciate any type of tip-no matter how small-that helps make the process of putting on makeup or doing our hair faster.

25 Incredibly Easy Beauty Hacks That Will Instantly Change Your Life
For a beauty-lover, Fashion Week is a feast of new hair and makeup inspiration. For a beauty editor, it's the best opportunity to get real-girl hacks from the professionals. We're always discovering new tricks from the stylists backstage - like how to use eye shadow as highlighter or mascara as eyeliner.
14 Brilliant Beauty Hacks That Will Change the Way You Apply Makeup
There are a lot of reasons to trek backstage at New York Fashion Week: the models, the celebrities, the nails, and the gorgeous beauty looks. But perhaps the most appealing aspect is that we get access to the top-tier makeup, hair, and nail pros in the
We've Got Eight Ways to Use Concealer (and Cover-up Ain't One)

When it comes to disguising the not-so-pretty realities of life (like zits, red spots and sun spots), concealer is our BFF. While its erasure trick is impressive in and of itself (thus earning a permanent spot in our makeup bags), most of us only scratch the surface when it comes to unlocking its magic.

Beauty Travel Hacks That Will Solve All of Your Packing Problems

I pride myself on being an excellent traveler. Despite my semi-crippling fear of flying and my over-reliance on my neck pillow, I spent the first two years of my professional career becoming remarkably adept at quickly packing up and traveling light.I became great at sidestepping all of the traditio...

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Total Beauty Buying Guides, featuring in-depth reader reviews and unbiased product recommendations.

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (With Pictures)

I've compiled a ton of great makeup tips and tricks that you probably don't know about. Lots of pictures, tutorials, and ideas! A lot of these are tips on how to get a natural look, as well as tips on how to camouflage imperfections, apply your makeup easier and faster, and what is flattering for your individual face shape, eye color, and skin color.

18 Useful Tips For People Who Suck At Eyeliner

Tagged: eyeliner, cat eye tip, clean up eyeliner, color of eyeliner, eye makeup, eyeliner fail, eyeliner graphic, eyeliner hacks, eyeliner infographic, eyeliner tips, messy eyeliner, p, suck at eyeliner, type of eyeliner, winged eyeliner, win, viral, fave, yasss Pencil eyeliner is easy to apply, but sometimes doesn't spread as smoothly or thickly as gel or liquid liners.

25 Must-Have Beauty Tricks To Get You Through Summer

It's time to conquer the sweat and perfect your skin.

6 Beauty Tricks to Make You a Classic Knockout Like Marilyn Monroe

Though she never made headlines in our lifetime, Marilyn Monroe has taught us a lot about what it means to be a beauty icon. In addition to learning that diamonds are a girl's best friend and gentlemen prefer blondes, we've discovered that the sexy starlet had a few must-know tricks.

9 Makeup Brushes You Should Own

Makeup is a form of art. With that said, every artist needs the best tools in order to create a masterpiece. Having the right makeup brushes to apply your makeup makes all the difference. Featured here are the top 9 must-have makeup brushes that every woman should have in her makeup bag.

8 Ways to Get Prettier in Your Sleep

You might think you're off the clock when it comes to your beauty routine while you sleep, but your slumber hours play an important role in how you look. "Beauty sleep is essential for repairing the skin," says Dr. Debra Jaliman, a New York City dermatologist and author of If you want your skin and hair to look younger and healthier during the day, it's time to adopt these nighttime habits.

7 Eyebrow Mistakes You Need to Stop Making Immediately

I started waxing my eyebrows when I was about 12 years old. Thick, dark hair on my head means thick, dark hair on my arches - and in between them.

Makeup for Beginners: How to Use Concealer

Concealer is that beauty essential that can brighten up a face, cover up blemishes and minimize under-eye circles and discoloration. It also tends to be one of the first categories of makeup that people buy-but choosing the correct shade or formula can also be a bit stressful. Let's make it easier.

Did we feel silly patting our face down with a toilet seat cover? Well, yeah. But would we do it again? Hell yeah! It's a great little trick if you're in and pinch and feelin' super oily.