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Short Ball in Tennis Drills and Strategy

A list of videos and articles on how to handle short balls in Tennis aggressively while reducing unforced errors.

Shorten your swing for the short ball

A shorter swing is more effective than a big take back.

Strategy to take on the short ball

Key Points

Commit to the shot
Prepare with shoulders and feet
Keep head still and eyes on the ball

Low Ball and High Ball Approach Shots

The key point here is to treat the high and the low short balls differently. With low short balls, look for height over the net and placement. With high balls, take it high and get aggressive. Alternate short and high balls in a drill can drive this point home.

How To Stop Making Unforced Errors When You Play The Short Forehand

Change your mindset - think two shots instead of one. The full article is here

Footwork preparation to attack the short ball

A drill to help take the short ball by stepping into the court.

How To Move Through Short Balls

Jeff encourages you to not stop and setup, but move through the short ball.