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Coil Builds For Cloud Chuking

Cloud Chasing- Twisted 28g Duel Coil Sub-Ohm Build Tutorial

They are really informative and build some great coils, Also check out their Facebook Page with under the same name

Post per request from my Last video 'cloud chasing' I give a run down and tutorial for Building a Twisted 28g single wire double coil build. Caution: Build a...

Cloud Chasing Build Tutorial

A great video from ScudPunk, a newcomer but great video angles to show how he is building it, This is a great video for a newer builder. but still great information.
This is a simple cloud chasing build tutorial for an RDA. Learn how to chase clouds easy! WEBSITE: FACEBOOK:

Cloud Chasing 101 Part 1

Another great overal guide to coil chasing, This time by Ripp Trippers, Some may hate on the guy but he does make some really informative videos-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In this vape video, I talk about . I go over air flow for your RDA, the type of e liquid you are using, and the type of unregulated m...


Hi thanks for watching my video! I hope this video was easy enough to follow and it is pointed towards new or curious vaper who are looking into dripping and...

Cloud Chasing 101 Part 2!

If you missed Cloud Chasing 101 Part 1, check it out at the link below. The RDA I was using in this vape video was...

Top 10 Best Cool Gifts for Mother’s Day in 2016 Reviews

Top 10 Best Cool Gifts for Mother’s Day in 2016 Reviews - When looking forward for these gifts for your Mother’s Day, you should be aware of the options existing in the market for you to buy. You will learn from them thus helping you decide during your purch. Browse our experts reviews on Top 10 Best Cool Gifts for Mother’s Day in 2016 Reviews. See up-to-date comparisons

Nutribullet Recipes To Keep Healthy And Fit

Nutribullet Recipes can resorting to diet and healthy food are among the ways.That we find well effective in staying fit especially with Nutribullet Recipes. For the past years, folks across the planet are getting a lot of concern and acutely aware regarding staying work and active despite the busy and inactive manner of the majority.

#CloudChasing: Intro to Sub Ohm Vaping

This is a really great overall sub ohm/ Cloud chasing coil build guide. Some great information,
_____________________________-------------------------------------------My first attempt to share some information about safety, battery usage and best practices. I definitely don't claim to know everything but I felt it was nece...


How do mild cigarettes trick the smoking machines?

How do mild cigarettes trick the smoking machines?

Tobacco businesses designed light cigarettes with tiny pinholes at the filters. These “filter vents” dilute cigarette smoke with air while light cigarettes are “puffed” on through smoking machines, inflicting the machines to measure artificially low tar and nicotine levels.

Many people who smoke do not understand that their cigarette filters have vent holes. The filter out vents are exposed while cigarettes are smoked on smoking machines. However, filter out vents are located just millimeters from where smokers positioned their lips or palms when smoking. As a end result, many Limitless Arms Race smokers block the vents—which simply turns the light cigarette right into a normal cigarette.

Some cigarette makers multiplied the duration of the paper wrap protecting the out of doors of the cigarette filter, which decreases the number of puffs that arise in the course of the machine test. Although tobacco below the wrap continues to be available to the smoker, this tobacco isn't burned throughout the device check. The end result is that the device measures much less tar and nicotine stages than is to be had to the smoker.

Because smokers, unlike machines, crave nicotine, they will inhale greater deeply; take larger, extra rapid, or greater common puffs; or smoke some greater cigarettes every day to get enough nicotine to meet their yearning. This is referred to as “compensating,” and it means that smokers come to be breathing in greater tar, nicotine, and other harmful chemical compounds than the system-primarily based numbers suggest.

#CloudChasing w/ .35 ohm SOAKER build: VAPEHAPPY Vapor Production FINALLY! Some vapor cloud porn! As requested, this video also shows a close up of...


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