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Content Curation and Social Bookmarking Tools

Student curated list of content curation and social bookmarking tools.


Trap content that matters most to you with Trapit!

Trapit is a content curation platform that learns about its users and figures out what articles they want to read by monitoring users activity and preferences. With over 100,000+ sources of content, Trapit will pull new and original content to keep its users up to date on the topics they're most interested in. Discover more about Trapit - Be a publisher
  • is a tool that allows you to make an online newspaper
  • one benefit is that it is automated and you do not need to update it every single day, but every few days will keep the content fresh
  • you can set up an automatic feed with your Twitter account, FB, email newsletter, Google +
  • you can add the URL to your business card or promote it on Linkedin -pull content from experts on your chosen topic in order to have relevant, trending content -you can add up to 10 content streams -things are organized in a simple, visually pleasing manner, looks like a black and white Pinterest for articles



Kapost is a content curation website that offers multiple widgets and services for the user. Some of the services it offers is analytics, planning content publication, content storage, possible ideas, etc. It also allows a free trial. The demo allows you to view every feature they offer, which is a great way to get used to the application before you use it for your personal/business use.

Feedly; is it an effective content curation tool? 110%

Feedly allows you to review content from all over the web by categories easily. First, you click on a general topic such as "Marketing"; Feedly offers you content that falls under this category while offering more specific hashtags to further your search. To expand on the examply of "Marketing", Feedly would then suggest "#SEO" "#SocialMedia" "#Business" and "#Advertising".

Feedly is a great tool that can be used on a personal, professional, or business level because it compiles information for you to sort through easily. This allows you to be informed as well as become an influencer in your area of interest by providing you with content to share. The best part of this is that it only takes a few minutes everyday to stay informed! Go to their website or check out their app now!




According to Zite's website, "Zite analyzes millions of articles each day and brings you the best of your favorite magazines, newspapers, authors, blogs, and videos."

It is a free app available at itunes for the iphone or ipad, at the Amazon appstore or at Google play for Android devices, and at the Windows Phone Store for Windows phones.

The premise is that it will scan the web and search for articles of interest to you. The more you access it, the more refined the app's searches become.

You can narrow your search to subject areas of specific interest, or choose broad areas of general interest.

While it is a great app, it is destined to disappear soon as it has recently been acquired by, and will be folded into, Flipboard.


Pearltrees is a great site for everything social book marking. Not only can you post, collect, and organize relevant web pages, you can also post notes, photos and files. Peartrees also organizes your interests so that you can read and download relevant information from other users and the web. Pearltrees has a great website and also has a app that can be found on iOS or Android.


Useful for bloggers. Works like it sounds - you "stumbleupon" articles based on your topic of interest. I like that has a toolbar to make bookmarking easier and it works on multiple platforms - even a Kindle! I don't believe there is a Blackberry app.

Juxtapost - All your favorite things, side-by-side.

-Juxtapost allows users to save their favorite articles, pictures, and videos, whether it is for their wedding, a new home, or their favorite activity. No matter what your interested in and passionate about, Juxtapost allows you to find relevant posts, organize your favorite ones, and then share them (privately or publicly).

-The best part about Juxtapost is that you don't always need to be on the site in order to save your favorite post! After installing the"Juxtapost It" button, it appears on your browser, so you can surf the internet, knowing you have the safety of clicking the button and never losing an interesting site again!
------------> Click here to check out a video on Juxtapost!


An integrated and simple platform to create content, share stories and display news from all media sources you wish to view.

You can create a news feed tailored to the content that only matters to you. This means that on your platform, you can display any information from business news feeds to your twitter and facebook feed.

To fully understand how powerful this app can be for you, download it for free today through:
Apple Store
Windows Store
Google Play
Blackberry World




This is an excellent tool to manage and organize scholarly references. The main purpose of this website is not only to store your online references but to broaden your reference data base with the discovery of new articles on CiteULike. The great thing about this page is it offers users access to other great content and allows users to develop understanding on other resources. After using this tool for a period of time, it will develop article recommendations based on your previous book marks. Lastly, CiteULike promotes team work where you can share resources with friends while finding out who is reading what and where they got it.


"Start turning your ideas to quality content"-RocktheDeadline. You can get updated on the latest news and trends in your industry. Pinning ideas on different topic boards and sharing it with your teammates! Curate content and sharing it with multiple social media platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, ETC.


Prismatic is a content curation tool. You can get recent information about your current interests via their website or app. The tool offers a selection of list for new users but also gives you the freedom to search for other interests afterwards. My only problem is that it also take content that are not really about your interest. Meaning if an irrelevant content has tags that in your interest list, it will show up to your Prismatic feed.

Home of Influencers An Influencer Marketing Platform - Triberr
  • Triberr is a community where bloggers and influencers come together to share their content and ideas.
  • You can filter the blogs you wold like to see by category with over 30 to chose from.
  • It has the ability to automatically share the content you're reading.
  • Once you've entered a tribe you can increase your exposure because when you publish a new post your tribe members will tweet out to their followers.
Content that is Delicious. Where you need it, when you need it.

As the most popular social bookmarking tool, Delicious is THE place to save everything you find delicious on the web. Delicious keeps things safe for you, giving you access to it where and when ever you need it. Trying to remember the link to that article, video, picture, etc? Don't bother. Just save it with Delicious. Scouring the web for some good content? Don't bother. Use Delicious' Discovery tool to find topics that are of interest to you.




It is a leading provider in the business world. It allows businesses to create, curate, organize and share relevant content to having a successful marketing strategy.

we heart it

"We Heart It" is a great alternative to all other community based photo tagging sites. This website lets you create albums (using heart shapes) with your preferred media content, for example photos and videos. You are able to search for what you are looking for with the use of tags or make your own. The whole experience is well known by the Majority of us and you will find it fun, enjoyable and easy. However, keep in mind that one of the characteristics that makes "we heart it" different from Pinterest or Instagram, is its focus on targeting female users.
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BundlePost - Stop Managing, Start Engaging! is a content curation platform that gathers posts from RSS, Google Alerts or other Feed Channels. From there, you can hashtag up to 100 scheduled posts, and even replace certain keywords within posts to become live Twitter handles when users are viewing the article. Finally, you can store and organize your posts and hashtags, so that when you are posting content, you can select from a list of hashtags, instead of trying to remember every single one and accidentally leaving someone out. To learn more about this platform, Click Here

Diigo - Social Bookmarking tool for everyone

Diigo is a Social Bookmarking Tool website, which allows you to highlight any part of a webpage and attach sticky notes to specific highlights or to a whole page. If you spend a lot of time working with online information, Diigo is a tool for you. Diigo makes your workflow easier and improves your online productivity.
Here is some more interesting information and advantages of Diigo.


GiveALink is a free social tagging and bookmarking application used for annotating, organizing and navigating information around the web. It works together with other similar content bookmarking programs (e.g. Delicious) to conveniently look up information online.


LiveBinder is a social bookmarking tool that allows you to share your favorite web links and organize web content in a simple way. It is extremely beneficial for the education purpose. First of all, you can create student internet sites where students will have an access to the sites you want to share with. Instead of posting separate links, you can combine all the links into one binder so people can quickly gain access to the latest sites. Students can use it for the group projects by putting together all their drawings, notes, sources and drafts. Binders can be also shared through twitter, Facebook, email and blogs.

Drew Curtis' is not your typical news website. receives around 2,000 submissions a day, of funny/interesting news stories around the world. goes through these submissions and pick the top story's that are relevant and most importantly humorous for that day. Each day, share's website articles on different topics, these topics are usually under Sports, Business, Geek, Entertainment and Politics. Under each topic, you will find a variety of different headline stories. Each story is sourced, and allows for followers to comment and share different stories.

All in all, it's an interesting news website that share's daily news posts in different categories. It wouldn't be my first or second place to search for what's trending in the news world. As looks and feels very basic and they're just sharing other peoples work. They're not reporting any of it themselves.


Stop digging through webpages for interesting news and stories, let "Digg" do it for you!

Stop digging through webpages for interesting news and stories, let "Digg" do it for you!

Digg is a content curation website that allows its users to submit interesting, useful or funny pages from around the web. Each submission receives like/dislike from the people who viewed it. Eventually, based on the number of likes it gets chosen by the algorithm that takes the submission to the “holy grail of social media”, Digg’s home page. The home page contains only the best and most interesting stories that can be filtered by 8 categories:
1) Entertainment
2) Gaming
3) Lifestyle
4) Offbeat
5) Science
6) Sports
7) Technology
8) World & Business
Digg app is available on both iOS and Android operating systems.
Find out more about Digg




BlinkList is a great social bookmarking tool for both beginners and long-time users! In order to make it easier to use the website for new bookmarking users, BlinkList provides video tutorials and a quick explanation that will let you to go through everything you need to know before starting.
The GREATEST ADVANTAGE about BlinkList is that it has a "Blink" button can be installed to the browser toolbar so users share the content from any other website.

As well as other social bookmarking sites, BlinkList:

  • here organizes your bookmarks based on keyword tags
  • see and track rates of your bookmarks
  • view recent, popular and hot topics

- Interest? - No, Pinterest!

- Interest? - No, Pinterest!

PINTEREST! Is not only a web & mobile app to share graphics with cute kittens or clothing. It is a powerful tool to "go for" when you are a growing business with lots of future potential.
So what does it do?!
Pinterest allows its users to create boards or "pinboards" according to the different topics of user's interests, & simply add their own or re-pin other people's graphics, sort & manage them.
Pinterest can not only showcase products & increase awareness marketing wise but also can be a good content curation tool by:
- using keywords and #hashtags that will allow your target audience to easily find you.
- saving content that you want to share later by using "Secret Boards"
- targeting your audience with the use of "Pinterest Internal Search" feature that will allow you to find users who tagged the content that you have pinned.

To dig deeper into how PINTEREST can benefit you, simply click on a blue word above.

  • Polyvore is a social bookmarking site that help retailers to promote their products; at the same time, this site help online shopping buyers as this social network integrated all stores in one convenient place which make easy to consumer to find information.
  • Visitor can sign into this social site connecting with Facebook and they can have access to other people post of fashion design, including clothing, house decoration, etc and retailers post, promoting their brands
  • The site offer a option called create. Visitor can chose product from a list of options like tops, accessories, beauty, shoes, etc and customize their options. Visitor can share those design with other users
  • Purchase are also available in his site. Visitor can choose from a variate of item and color and buy those items