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Headline for Best business intelligence articles, 24 November - 1 December
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Best business intelligence articles, 24 November - 1 December

Antivia's weekly list of the best BI and data articles from the past week.

Big data: Five ways to make your project a success

Summary: Big data is a big deal, but how do you get started and get it right? Here's some advice from IT experts working on successful projects. Organisations are collecting more information than ever before, yet the business is unlikely to be able to make sense of this information unless it finds ways to turn newly found knowledge into game-changing decisions.

How To Weather The Big Data Storm

If you look at the field of business intelligence, it's as though there's a storm brewing. If you wanted to be fanciful, you'd say that it's made up of big data, which is information at a far deeper level than ever been imagined (information that can be shared on a device no bigger than a paperback book) and cloud computing, that can give more people scalable, affordable access to that information than ever before.

From raw data to interactive dashboard in minutes

As a business you will no doubt have all kinds of data coming from different parts of your company. You might have your sales orders in a CRM system and your delivery information as an XML extract from your supply chain system, meaning the data you need to make decisions isn't in a consistent, useable state.

The one skill you really need for data analysis | Information Age

Curiosity may indeed have killed some cats by tempting them into danger. But the impulse to explore also leads them to find new homes, new hunting grounds and new mates. Their playfulness gives them practice and sharpens reactions for when they really need them.

How Can Data Scientists Build Trust In Advanced Analytics?

The victories won by data science specialists such as Palantir, Opera Solutions, and Teradata's Think Big have shown the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to solve high value problems. But these companies focus quite a bit on what I call Bottom of the Funnel Business Intelligence, that is solving problems that involve high value decisions that take place in a well-understood context.