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Fossil Fuels - Pipeline - Canada

UN calls for the end of fossil fuels

Top scientists say we need to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions to prevent hitting a point of no return.

Neil Young says pipeline issues are 'scabs' on the lives of Canadians

Music icon Neil Young says Canadians need to stand up for clean air, land and water by taking on big oil companies in particular. He calls issues involving pipelines "scabs on our lives," and says Canadians must band together to ensure their constitution includes the right to live in a healthy environment.

Ontario and Quebec's pipeline demands 'very reasonable,' N.B. premier says

New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant says Ontario and Quebec's seven demands of the proposed Energy East pipeline - including that its effect on global warming be measured - are "very, very reasonable" and can be achieved. Mr. Gallant emerged optimistic from a 40-minute meeting on Monday with his Ontario counterpart, Kathleen Wynne.

Energy East - Tar Sands

Export Tankers Tanker terminal in St. Lawrence Quebec City crossing Temagami North Bay Thunder Bay Kenora Region and Winnipeg Otterburne, Manitoba Hardistry, Alberta near Fort McMurray, Alberta Export Tankers: Energy East is primarily an export pipeline .

Alberta's Oil Sands Alberta's Clean Energy Future

Information on oil sands and pipelines in Alberta.

Land-use plan provides foundation for responsible development

The Lower Athabasca Regional Plan, a made-in-Alberta approach to land use planning, provides maximum benefits to Albertans while protecting our environment for future generations.

Alberta's oil-sands - ecological damage: Canadian Geographic Magazine

June 2008 issue FEATURE: Alberta's oil-sands Scar sands More than a million barrels of crude flow out of Alberta's oil-sands plants every day. Environmentally, it's a disaster zone. There's no turning off the tap, but improvements in five areas could limit the staggering scale of the ecological damage.By Curtis Gillespie with photography by Garth Lenz "HARD TO BELIEVE, HEY?"

Canadian Energy Pipeline Association (CEPA)

CEPA is the hub of information about Canadian transmission pipelines.

Oil Pipelines

Pipeline projects are being pursued to diversify the business and add incremental value to existing assets. Key areas of focus include greenfield development options to connect our natural gas pipelines to northern gas reserves and emerging Canadian and U.S. shale gas supplies, and transporting crude oil from the Alberta oil sands.

Video: Take a helicopter ride over Alberta's oil sands

This is part of Fort McMoney, an interactive documentary game that lets you decide the future of the Alberta oil sands, and shape the city at its centre

Fossil Fuels with Bill Nye - TeacherTube

Fossil fuels - Electricity - impacts on envir

The Effect of Fossil Fuels on the Environment | GreenEnergyChoice's Green Guide

Discover the effects that fossil fuels have on your environment on GreenEnergyChoice.

Energy East, Alberta's Jim Prentice goes pipeline wooing

Late last month, while preparing to talk to reporters about a recent trip to India, Wall said "later." He had something else on his mind. Boy, did he. "No pipelines are being built, no pipelines are being approved because the goal posts keep changing, and this argument apparently can't be made to the satisfaction of those who simply ...

Statement in Parliament on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline Protests

Kennedy Stewart, MP (Burnaby-Douglas) House of Commons November 20, 2014

Quebec won't be pressured by provinces to back pipeline: Couillard

QUEBEC "I don't react to pressure. I just do what I do as premier of Quebec," he said in a news conference alongside New Brunswick Premier Brian Gallant, an outspoken supporter of the pipeline. Early next month, Couillard is expected to get another visit from a pro-pipeline premier, Jim Prentice of Alberta.

A look at major pipeline project proposals in Canada

Proposal: TransCanada Corp. wants to construct a large-diameter pipeline between Hardisty, Alta., and Steele City, Neb. It would run through Baker, Mont., where U.S.-produced light crude oil from the Bakken formation would be added to the synthetic crude oil and diluted bitumen from Alberta's oil sands.

'All Canadians will feel the pain' if pipeline opportunities missed: Prentice

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says Canada is running out of time to build four controversial pipelines to generate revenues that could pay for social services, but that the development agenda also has to protect the environment.

Energy East Pipeline: TransCanada standing down on further work in Quebec

TransCanada Corp. will halt all work on an oil terminal in eastern Quebec in response to concerns the project could hurt a beluga habitat. The company said Monday it is "standing down" on all work in Cacouna after a report by a federal government wildlife committee concluded that the whale is endangered.

Oil and Pipelines 101

What is crude oil? Crude oil is a fossil fuel or hydrocarbon made primarily of hydrogen and carbon. Depending on sulphur content, crude oil ranges from light to heavy and from sweet to sour. Energy East will move a variety of crude types, including conventional crude oil, diluted bitumen and synthetic crude oil.

Energy East Mega-Pipeline: Risks to Canadians

TransCanada's Energy East pipeline plan would put the water of millions of Canadians at risk of tar sands oil spills. Get the facts about this risky mega-pipeline - the largest proposed tar sands pipeline in the world. Learn more at

The Great Bear Sea: No place for a pipeline

The Great Bear region of British Columbia's north coast is one of Canada's ecological treasures. Here one of the world's last intact temperate rainforests meets some of the planet's last large wild rivers and most productive coldwater seas. This is no place for an oil pipeline.

Game About Oil Pipelines And Free Kids Educational Games Online

Play city planner & lay down a new pipeline. Manage resources & avoid obstacles, preserve wildlife & habitat, or your pipeline isn't going anywhere.