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Top Hair Care Tips

Tips to make your hair healthy and strong.

How to prevent hair breakage | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

It's hard to break habits. Think about your morning routine. Some people need to take a shower every morning in order to start their day. Others can just throw their hair up, sweep on some mascara, and be on their way.

How to get rid of split ends | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

Whenever I'm stuck in traffic, trapped in a boring meeting for work, or wasting precious minutes of my day in a doctor's waiting room, I have a bad habit of twisting my hair around my fingers. What can I say? It's a way to pass time.

Home Remedies for Long, Strong Hair | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

Long, thick hair can be hard to achieve depending on your hair type, your stress levels, diet and fitness regimen and even pollution in the city you live in. But there are some simple home remedies to help you achieve long, strong hair that would make even Rapunzel jealous. Eat healthy.

8 Tricks for Thicker, Fuller Hair | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

Not everyone is blessed with thick, full hair and you might be fed up with volumizing products or tricks that don't always work. They're only so much you can do since the texture of your hair is controlled by your genes, but there are simply tricks you can do to fake fuller hair.

Tips On Camouflaging A Bad Haircut | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

We've all had a bad haircut at one time or another. It could have been a style you were excited about that just didn't work for you, a bad hairdresser that cut off five inches instead of one or even a botched color.

Keep To Keep Hair Dye From Quickly Fading | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

Everyone feels like a movie star after they emerge from the salon with freshly colored hair. Yet, a few weeks later, you might already notice the color fading, slowly but surely. How do you stop the madness? Here are some tips to keep your color looking fabulous for a little longer so you can save money in between salon appointments.

Tips on hiding dirty hair from the masses | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

Summer is a busy time. You might be running from party to party, jumping in and out of the pool and not have a spare minute to wash your hair. Yet, you don't want to look like a sloppy, greasy mess when you're outside enjoying the nice weather or at work.

11 Must haves for kinky and curly girls | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

As someone who has always loved curly hair, I was surprised to find out how many women actually despise their naturally curly locks. I must admit, having curly hair can be a challenge, especially if you're not sure how to take care of it.

The hair healthy diet | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

We know that a good, nutritious diet is good for our body, but did you know that it is good for your hair too? Well it is. While you can't make thin hair magically thick and turn brown hair to blonde tresses by eating good food, you can make whatever kind or color hair you have healthier.

Bouncy, loopy and wavy: Curling irons are the key to your new look! | Your Beauty Advisor | Beauty Best Friend

Ah, the beauty of curls! Curls are a timeless way to change up your look. Today, there are so many tools to create them, it's easy to try out a variety of styles. No longer the stuff of colonial-style wigs or prom queens, curls can transform your look into an effortlessly wavy style or those tight ringlets you've always wanted.


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