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Great modern fairytales

Here is a list of great modern fairytales by Morehouse Publishing

The King's Gift (EN, DE, FR, TR, CN)

A powerful King sits bored on his throne in a grand castle. He is desperately sad and his unhappiness may soon destroy him. His entire kingdom is at a loss to help, except for a little girl who appears to hold the solution to his problem.

The Gentle Giant (EN, DE, TR, FR)

A Gentle Giant lives far away, in a magical kingdom. One day he discovers an extraordinary flower that grows in the middle of a field. The Gentle Giant falls in love with it. But the flower is selfish. The Gentle Giant is very sad, but soon he discovers a secret that fills him with joy.

The Great Cupcake Clash (EN)

The King of Hameleen, Was once so mean, That he made life one bad dream
He would stomp his feet and frown, He would yell and throw down his crown
With his desserts he would take careful aim, And have his subjects ducking cupcakes, as fast as they came
Until one day little Ned, Took aim at the King’s big, big head...

Royal Mr. Belly Bump (EN)

Royal Mr. Belly Bump; Loved his great big tummy hump
Happily his feet he'd thump; Up and down and up he'd jump
To start a rolling belly jiggle; Up and down and up he would wiggle
All the time he would laugh and chuckle; Tummy flowing over his buckle

But the Royal Mr. Belly Bump; Was all alone with his joyous lump
Every single person in his town; Could not smile, they could only frown ...

The Kingdoms (EN)

Rulers from all four corners of the land
Came together to shake the other’s hand
Each was sure that their land was the best one
Each came to boast and poke a little fun

This ritual of which each was a fan
Didn’t go exactly according to plan...

The Two Headed Dragon (EN, DE, FR, TR)

Everyone in the kingdom of Bimmelburg fears the Two Headed Dragon. It lives in a cave nearby and flies over the kingdom everyday, terrorizing the people there. One day a small boy makes his way to the Two Headed Dragon’s cave to defeat it and to free Bimmelburg of fear. But the feat the boy achieves by confronting the dragon is far greater.

Die kleine große Lummerlaus (DE)

Die kleine große Lummerlaus handelt von einem kleinen Jungen namens Fiffi, der schlecht geträumt hat. Eine Fee rettet ihn aus seinem bösen Traum und verrät ihm das Geheimnis, wie Kinder sich vor bösen Träumen schützen können.

Friendship Pie (EN, DE, FR, TR)

Haylee is a panda bear. She and her bear friends want to bake a pie today, but they are missing most of the ingredients. Unfortunately, the grocery shops are all closed. But Haylee doesn't give up easily when she wants to do something. With the help of her friends, Haylee is sure to find a way.

Mo and The Wise Elf Arc (EN, DE, FR, TR)

Mo is a shy little boy. When he is taunted and pushed around by a group of older boys Mo makes a wish that is heard by a wise elf named Arc. Arc uses his fading magical powers to grant the little boy a wish. But can Mo trust himself enough to make Arc's magic work?

The Elephant and the Castle (EN)

There still lives an elephant. Who never goes to bed. He is friends with a castle. That he wears on his head. They walk their pet pigeon. All day and night instead. Happy are the pigeon, the elephant and the castle on his head.

Pia and the Magic Ribbon: Volume 1

Pia Pia is growing up fast.She is 10 years old and a jumble of contradictions: both shy and bold. But she learns to blaze her own trail as she settles into her new home. To help her she draws on her surprising powers of imagination.
This story of a 10-year old girl’s adventures is a modern fairytale. In Pia’s waking world she is the new girl at school, who gets swept up in a bid to unravel a great mystery from England’s ancient past. And Pia’s Dreamworld is the one that she enters at night with a magic ribbon that her Grandmother (Gram) gives her on her birthday. There she meets a cast of larger-than-life characters who take her on a set of heart-stopping adventures…