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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 21, 2014
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Ford’s 8 Safest Vehicles

Ford is one of the most known names in vehicle safety. In fact, at each Utah Ford dealer, safety is a critical part of business. Furthermore, Ford is constantly developing advanced safety technologies to give their customers increased peace of mind. Vehicle safety information for this list is based off the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Top Safety Pick+ list.

Ford Fusion

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the Ford Fusion is one of the safest midsize cars on the market. This vehicle comes equipped with side, front, rear and knee airbags. It also has electronic stability control, antilock brakes and daytime running lights.

Ford C-Max Hybrid

The 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid is a small car with a high safety rating. Utah residents can learn more about this vehicle’s unique safety features, such as its rollover sensor, by visiting their local Utah Ford dealer.

Ford F150

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety knows the Ford F150 for its impressive front, side and roof strength. In crash simulations, the vehicle’s dummy driver’s movement was well controlled and the front and side airbags properly deployed to protect the dummy during the crash.

Fiesta 4-Door

The Ford Fiesta is known for its auto-locking doors. When the vehicle exceeds 12 miles per hour, its doors lock to ensure the driver will be safe in the event of a crash.

Ford Flex

The Ford Flex was first introduced in 2009 and it has had high safety ratings for the entirety of its existence. In crash simulations, dummies have a very low risk of injury.

Focus 2-Door Coupe

After 2008, every Ford Focus model was redesigned to increase its safety features. Contemporary Focus models, such as the Coupe, have enhanced restraint systems. In order to experience the Coupe’s increased safety, residents can test drive a Focus at their local Utah Ford dealer.

Mustang Convertible

Individuals who like to drive in style often choose the Ford Mustang for its intelligent design and high safety ratings. Overall, Ford’s Mustang has a specialty front structure that improves occupant protection in the event of a crash.

Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger comes equipped with specialty side airbags. The vehicle’s front door trim is also designed to ensure maximum occupant protection in side impact crashes.




Mackenzie Martin is an automotive writer. Information provided by Henry Day Ford. Mackenzie writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +.

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