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5ive Questions with...

The premise is pretty simple. I have a series of questions that pertain to a blogger and their business. Not your normal everyday type of questions. I hope this will show how diverse we all are and how there is no single right answer to success.

5ive Questions with Amy Cesario

Name: Amy Cesario Website: Bio: After working for the Denver Nuggets for ten years, helping players, coaches, executives and their families relocate to Denver, the Assistant GM and several players helped me realize how much I loved that part of my job. They recognized my entrepreneurial tendencies and encouraged me to jump in.

5ive Questions with Rhonda Porter -

Name: Rhonda Porter Website: Bio: Rhonda has been originating mortgages since April 2000 and began blogging in late 2006. At times, blogging has served as a "vent" for Rhonda, allowing her to continue to exist (and thrive) in the mortgage industry. She enjoys learning, teaching and sharing her knowledge.

5ive Questions with Sarah Nenni-Daher

Incredibly I had quite a few responses to my original post. Sarah was the first (and only one) to comment publicly so she wins the lottery and get's to go first! Name: Sarah Nenni-Daher Website: Bio: Sarah Nenni-Daher is the mind behind Ruffles and Rain Boots.

5ive Questions with Matt Stigliano -

Name: Matt Stigliano Website: Bio: I hate writing bios - so here's some facts: East Coast native living in Texas. Hockey fanatic (Flyers fan). Former rockstar. Self-taught web guy. BBQ addict. Gum chewer. Tired. < Since Matt hates writing bios, I ... Continue reading →

5ive Questions with Carole Sanek -

Name: Carole Sanek Website: Bio: Carole has worn many different career hats over time and while she enjoyed writing, it was something she thought was just fun to do. Then she found blogging. She started blogging 9 years ago, ahead of the masses, and she maintains 2 personal blogs and 1 business blog to this day.

5ive Questions with Patrick Healy -

Name: Patrick Healy Website: Bio: Patrick Healy is the founder of the New York based management consulting firm, Phacient, a company dedicated helping organizations to operate like their larger competitors Their mantra is Simple is Better.

5ive Questions with Jim Walberg -

Name: Jim Walberg Website: Bio: Jim Walberg has been a business owner and Realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1970. He and his wife, Ann Marie Nugent, are the owners of The Bay Area Team with Pacific Union - Christie's International.

5ive Questions with Jay Valento -

Jay Valento of the Red Wagon Team stops by to answer 5ive Questions. He includes a shoutout to Steve Chader and Lisa Archer too!

5ive Questions with Lesley Lambert

I've known Lesley Lambert for quite a few years and am so happy she stopped by to answer 5ive Questions.

5ive Questions with Chris Griffith

The Blogging Machine known as Chris Griffith is one of the funniest, smartest people you could follow. She just answered 5ive questions and I hardly had to censor it at all (hardly) ;)

5ive Questions with Sheila Hensley

Sheila Hensley steps up to take on 5ive Questions. (she answered way more than 5ive but we've got to have rules around here)