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Zimilate: Collect, Organize, and Expand What You Know.

I like Zimilate a lot. I sent them an email and they responded, telling me that they were working toward being freemium. Unfortunately, they aren't really placing a priority on importing, which is one of my criteria. Organization is handled through spheres (folders) that can be kept private (another must have) and they have a web clipper, also a high priority. I'm not interested in sharing, but there is that option. One of my favorite SP alternatives so far, but with no import tool forthcoming for who knows how long, it's not going to be my go-to anytime soon


The CLIPZINE is a content curation platform that is able to create a Reusable Sharable Portable stylish zine page like beautiful magazine-style. Clipping -> Styling -> Sharing

Storify - Creare storie attraverso i social media

Storie curate a mano intorno a temi, hashtag, eventi e fenomeni.




Keeeb is good, there is a web clipper but it grabs only the link in screenshot format. Much like SP in layout but there are only 2 views available, and somewhat unorganized view if you have a lot of keeebies. No reordering and you have to select view all pages in order to see all of your organization (rather than by default like SP) always starts in your first folder by alphabet. Import only from zootool and clipboard. I will revisit later as it does have potential

Curare facilmente magazine tematici a partire dal web e dai social


Mammoth is up and coming
Heres the good: Starting you off with:
5 GB free storage
unlimited boards
unlimited contributors
unlimited files
The bad:
web clipper is okay but not great. no import tool, which is a dealbreaker because i'm not redoing everything from my SP. This would be great for starting from scratch tho, very very customization friendly. They claim to be adding features so I will keep an eye on this one.




Organizzare in automatico tweet per categorie - Be a publisher

Pubblicare contenuti di Twitter, Facebook, Google+ in un magazine online

Listly - Lists made easy

Curare e creare liste in crowdsource e coinvolgere lettori con liste embedded nei post blog

Memit™ - Grow Smarter. Together.

Memit is up & coming and they really want Springpad users. They have an import tool just for us :) although they cater to ex-Clipboard, Kippt and users also. The interface is somewhat disjointed. All my springs imported just fine but I still can't figure out their system of labeling my stuff of articles, images, bookmarks<--only listed as 26 but all my springs were bookmarks and the vast majority had pictures but only 3 are listed; you get the confusing idea. Putting stuff in collections is much more preferable but it's confusing as to whether your stuff is private or not. Can't add mem to collection from the clipper, nor have i figured out yet how to do it myself afterward. <--update: figured it out, should have been way easier. No Android yet.

I hear Mem It is getting a major overhaul and lots and lots of new features in August so I will revisit then. Mem it is so far right up there in the running for best alternative to Springpad for me thus far. I'd say 3rd


The CLIPZINE is a content curation platform that is able to create a Reusable Sharable Portable stylish zine page like beautiful magazine-style. Clipping -> Styling -> Sharing




Put the internet to work for you.


CircleMe is an innovative platform where you can manage all your true lifes in life, discover products and like-minded people.


Link Lists

Link Lists

A link list is a dynamic and structured list of links on a particular topic. The list can either be curated by a company (e.g., Techmeme) or by a user community (e.g., HackerNews or Techmeme is a structured link list and is one of our favorite sources of technology news. According to, Techmeme generated about 50,000 unique visitors in January, 2012. Not too shabby.

Clipix: Clip and organize everything you care about

So far, Clipix is turning out to be the top contender (So Far!) The layout of clipboards is similar to SP; you can see all boards at once right off the bat. You can drag a board to another to make a multiboard or collaborate on a Syncboard. Privacy is up to you (I like mine) be as social as you want or don't want. The clipper is surprisingly good for a bookmarklet (which is slightly annoying as i prefer to hide my bookmarks bar). There is an import tool, which worked fine except that it wouldn't grab thumbnails for many sites. You can add your own pic from your computer or rename it with text but you can't link an image to the site (yet). You can edit all your clips, tag them, comment them and there are 3 different views for the boards. You can also drag them to rearrange. This is good and with the option to link a picture to a clip, it will be darn near exactly what i need.

Social Media Syndication management Hub for Content sharing|Website promotion and SEO Backlinks software with wordpre...

From: Abbas Ravji RE: Super Charge Your Rankings Look, I'm not here to impress you with an incredible over the top sales copy, or to tell you that you will make umpteen $s within 24 hours. In fact, I�m not even here to tell you how I�ve made a bunch of money in just hours like so many hypsters do.

Bag The Web

Beyond most curation tools' capability, BagTheWeb enables users to build networks of bags. This way bags can be linked together to provide rich and complete information about any topic.

7 Emerging and Free WordPress Plugins of Fall 2013

Plugin Author: David Wells This may be the best plugin of Fall 2013. Create an effective call to action button Direct the call to action to a landing page Direct the landing page to a conversion form David Wells and his team at Inbound Now have created what is arguably the top call-to-action WordPress plugin - best of all, it's free.




Get your free Twitter brand assessment and action plan.

WordPress SEO Plugin and Optimization Tips for Dummies (Like Me)

One of the reasons I love WordPress as a platform is that it makes SEO and site tweaks a cinch. With the right WordPress SEO plugin, I can have a site up in minutes and modify it relatively easily. On the corporate side, WordPress functionality helps me take some of the site management burden off of IT.




A collection is a bundle of articles, images, videos, or websites, that relate to a specific theme. For instance, SEOMoz created a “Social Media Marketing Guide” that lists 101 of the best social media sites that you can use to market your business online. By creating this list and keeping it updated, this “guide” has become an important resource for social media marketers.

Wordpress Link Building Software - Social Network Backlinks Syndication Plugin click here for the easiest link building software with integrated social networking websites for high quality backlinks. WP Syndicator is a Wordpress Plugin that will automatically syndicate your content to the top social networking sites for high quality high page rank backlinks.

Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.

Social Traffic Commando 1.2 - See Whats New!

Get Social Traffic Commando At A Discount BEFORE Launch Get FREE Video & YouTube Online SEO Software Tools All webinar replays for the YouTube SEO in 2014 series can be found here Free Software to Generate SEO Playlists YouTube RSS Feeds Google Plus RSS Feeds YouTube Embed Tool With Social Buttons Syndicate Your Entire Channel Content To Social Sites.

Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more.

Diigo is a powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community

I've had Diigo for years. It stores my bookmarks and I can annotate them which is also great but the interface is simply horrid. I can't even look at it without wanting to cry. I'm a designer and I work best with visual organization so while I keep it around, I haven't used it in a long time. Do some designing Diigo! But if you prefer a minimalistic approach, then by all means, Diigo is great.