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How To Manage The Management Of Products/Portfolio

This board is about latest tips, tricks and softwares that can be really helpful for a business enterprise in order to manage its goals and achievements upon the different types of projects.

What is Stage Gate or Phase Gate Model?

Stage Gate and Phase Softwares are very essential for any business or enterprise is they are going to launch a anew product in the market and the increase in the competition and demand from consumers have lead to the development of new products that are affordable and usable and for that you need stage gate or phase gate softwares. Below is the article that what is stage gate and phase gate if you are not aware of this.

What is Stage Gate or Phase Gate - A Complete Guide

Developed by Dr. Robert G. Cooper, stage gate is a methodology that guarantees innovation in new product development and organizational functional. Here is everything you need to know about it.
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PD-Trak | New Product Development
To get the best services for New Product Development pd-trak is the right choice. Pd-Trak is having a vast experience in service their clients for the new product development software, product management software and stage gate softwares.
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PD-Trak Stage Gate and Phase Gate Process
Stage Gate and Phase gate is a process that offers total control over the projects in which an organization wants to continue the investments by managing their risks. The main concept behind stage and phase gate process is to divide a project into logical phases with a gate review conducted before proceeding to the next project phase. Visit here for more details:-
PD-Trak | New Product Development
PD-Trak Solutions offers both product portfolio management software and new product development consulting services to help organizations improve their product development process, improve the planning and management of this process and implement the tools and methods to optimize product development. For more details visit:-

PD-Trak | Stage / Phase-Gate Process

PD-Trak | Stage / Phase-Gate Process
A stage / phase-gate process provides top-level management control over projects to assure that the organization continues to invest in the most worthwhile new product development projects and effectively manages risks. For more information on a stage / phase-gate process and gate reviews visit:-

Reasonable & Cost Effective New Product Development Software by PD-Trak

Reasonable & Cost Effective New Product Development Software by PD-Trak

Get fast effective & efficient new product development software by PD-Trak, a well known project portfolio management service provider company. PD-Trak offers streamlined version in process of product upgrade, platform development & also in technology development that may not lead directly to a new product Major functions.
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Best Project Resource Management Software By PD-Trak

Best Project Resource Management Software By PD-Trak

Complete description on Project Resource Management Software, Planning and Management, regarding how it works to support product/project portfolio planning across the enterprise.
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Best Post Implementation Services By PD-Trak

Best Post Implementation Services By PD-Trak

PD-Trak offers effective Post Implementation Services to provide solutions for business units, enterprise or department level at affordable cost.
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Time to Market and Pipeline Management by PD-Trak

If time-to-market is important for your organization, then consider realistic planning factors and utilization levels. Read this informative post from PD-Trak to avoid overloading your pipeline and understand how to use the tools like PD-Trak (Home) plan and manage your project pipeline and resources.

Best Practices-Based Process Templates For Project Management by PD-Trak

PD-Trak’s project file templates include project management process, project management templates, project management methodology, project report templates, stage / phase gate process and project management best practice information.

Project Management tools by PD-Trak

The Project Management tools in PD-Trak are intended to backing both a starting, broad-brush definition of task properties and information, forming into a more point by point set of arranging information and records as the project continues through the periods of the stage/phase gate process. The project management tools can be downsized for less difficult projectss (e.g. line extensions) or scaled up for more perplexing tasks.