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Medical Billing Services | MBC

We are leading medical billing services providers offering services for 42 specialties across 50 states. Call Now 888 357 3226 for more details.


Knowing Radiology Billing and Coding in and Out

Ignorance is not always bliss! Ensure your knowledge in radiology billing and coding to keep from revenue loss.

5 Benefits of Outsourcing ASC Billing

Outsource billing or not, is a difficult decision to make for many physicians but there are higher chances of outsourcing being beneficial for ASCs’.

Will ICD-10 have Medical Coder Salaries Rise?

The impending ICD-10 is about to bring on changes that will affect every part of healthcare which most definitely includes salaries of coders. read on to know

Understanding the ICD-10 impact on DME Billing

With the introduction of ICD – 10 in October 2015 the DME Billing team will need to be on their toes.

How to Improve Revenue for Orthopedic Billing Services

Here you can get to know how to Improve Revenue for Orthopedic Billing Services

How can Outsourcing Benefit Otolaryngology Billing?

With the comprehensive requirements of Otolaryngology billing, outsourcing seems like an effective option. Read to know more.

How Medical Billing Services Can Provide Security and Peace Of Mind

Medical Billing services can provide security and peace of mind to the physician and help him concentrate on his core responsibility of treating patients.

Why New York Physicians prefer Outsourcing Ob Gyn Billing?

The US is ranked 60 th in the world for maternal mortality which is associated with chronic conditions that affect woman of reproductive age and common obstetric complications. Moreover, the maternal morbidities are even more given the ever increasing obesity, hypertensive disorders, and diabetics' among women of reproductive age.

4 Reasons Why New York is Short of Primary Care Providers

New York is facing a shortage of Primary Care Physicians for a bunch of reasons. Read on to know more about these reasons..

Minor ICD-10 Errors Medicare Won't Deny Claims

A grace period of one year has been granted by Medicare where physicians will not get penalized for incorrect codes. Read to know more.

outsourcing ob gyn billing and coding services

Have a stress free cash flow with our impressive billing services for OB Gyn practices. Streamline your billing processes with assured results.

Billing Guidelines for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

ACSs’ must keep a close watch on their billing due to the very nature of their billing process. Below are some guidelines to ensure a smooth process

How appropriate is an App to discuss Patients' state of Illness?

With mobile apps playing a significant role in today’s world, do you think it is a wise choice to use it for a patient’s illness? How would it help?

Revenue Cycle Management Services | Medical Billing Consultancy Services

Leading medical billing services providers in US with incomparable expertise in all areas of medical billing and coding

Oncology Billing Services

Have a stress free cash flow with our impressive billing services for Oncology practices. Streamline your billing processes with assured results.

Effective Medical Billing Services for Primary Care

Have a stress free cash flow with our impressive billing services for Primary Care practices. Streamline your billing processes with assured results.

Doctors as Financial Experts!

What happens when doctors choose to look after the finances of their profession all by themselves? Know the pros and cons.

Have physicians' updated patients on ACA & financial risks

Physicians along with patients need to have a good amount of knowledge on the Affordable Care Act, which otherwise could cause revenue loss.

Have a stress free cash flow with our impressive billing services for Urology practices. Streamline your billing processes with assured results.

5 Ways to Improve Patient Scheduling

It is important that you do not keep patients waiting at the same time you do not hurry with them. Following are ways to effectively schedule patients

Basic billing tips for New Medical Practice Startups

Medical billing is an unnerving task, nonetheless inevitable and so new startups must know few tips that can help make minimal errors and have smooth practice.

ICD-10 Codes - Superheroes too go through them

Superheroes!!! Do you think they go through any disorder/illness? Well yes they do and guess what; they are covered with the ICD-10 codes.

Understand the Basics of ICD-10 Codes Structure

With the ICD-10 rolling out come October, physicians are prepared with necessary resources. This maybe a good time to take a look at the basics of ICD-10 structure

How does Social Media Influence Healthcare?

In the present era of social media, when physicians take to the social media platform, positive influences of social media are many.

Save Your Practice from Fraudulent Billing Practices

Medical billing too, like any other field experiences malpractice which hampers the overall practice. In order to avoid this, few things must be taken care.