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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Nov 19, 2014
Headline for Patching Things Up: 10 Ways to Wear Patches on Your Stuff.
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Patching Things Up: 10 Ways to Wear Patches on Your Stuff.

Patches are a great way to express individuality, promote a favourite band, or share an idea. They can instantly change the meaning of your clothing. Here are some ways patches can be worn and have been worn.

Princess Mononoke Back Patch

There are all kinds of already made patches available on the internet. You can wear this one as a fan of the movie, or as clever commentary on the state of the environment. Pop culture like this fills many roles.

Jay Z Mao Jacket Patch/Jay Z Philosophy Quote

In the video for "Run This Town", Jay Z sports a jacket with a Mao Patch on the back. In the video for "Run", his jacket has the quote "In The Dust of This Planet" also, like Mao, on the back. The quote is a book title about Nihilism and horror written by Eugene Thacker. In the article attached, the costume coordinator is quoted as saying that what we wear (costumes) are "conversations". That is exactly what a patch is, it's part of a conversation and intertwined within a greater cultural narrative when it's added to the clothing we wear.

Riot GRRRL Patch

Make a Riot GRRRL statement with patches that have a lot to say, and demand to be heard. It's like wearing the pages of a radical zine on your jacket.

DIY Baby Patches for Jackets

Deck out your little punk with the sweetest patched up jean jacket.

DIY Heathers Patch

Take an image of your fave bad girl group and do a direct transfer onto fabric. Make a statement by wearing a movie scene on your clothing.

Anarchist Cats

Proclaim your undying and usually unrequited love for kitty cats with a hard core anarchy cat patch. Free love for all felines!

Choose Your Own (patch) Adventure

Here's a simple how-to for making the patches of your dreams. Make everything you wear a conversation starter.

Patch Tips n' Tricks

Here's a helpful link if you want to try out different ways of making patches.

Indie Patches for your fave indie band.

Avoid the boring merch table and DIY your own indie band patches. There are so many different kinds of inks and fabrics you can use to make a one of a kind masterpiece for the band you love.

Scout Patches for the Real (sorta adult) World

Adorn your coat with patches earned in the real world (whatever that means). Show everyone the kind of experienced "scout" you are.