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List of Top PSD Tools

A PSD tool is a designers or developers best friend when it comes to creating astonishing web pages. Today, one can choose from various options that’s not even available back in the old days. These are widely available nowadays.
Some are free, some are too costly and some are cheap enough that beginners and advanced web designers and developers can afford it. A PSD to HTML converter tool has been a great help for these professionals. Choose the one, that will suit you best

Behance Photo Builder

Behance Photo Builder offers Photoshop action and PSD conversion. It’s a useful and small tool for users of the Behance service offered by Kirill Koulikov.

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action – Flat Style

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action – Flat Style allows web developers and designers to create long shadows in Photoshop through a nifty free motion that’s perfect for flat designs. This tool converts layers that are compatible with PS CS3 to CC format. 


PSDHTML Service is one of the best PSD tools that one can utilize to their advantage. This service provider offer PSD layers conversion into WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OsCommerce and HTML formats. What’s good about their services is that users would just have to upload their files and they will do the rest of the job. This company offers a reasonable and affordable rate that other tools or service providers may not be able to provide.

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action

Free Long Shadow Photoshop Action – 3D Style is a tool that lets its users create long 3D effects without any problems at all. Designers and developers can choose from two shadow lengths and two directions that are compatible with PS CS3 to CC.

Lighten / Darken Color (Script)

pLighten / Darken Color (Script) of Captain Awesome came up with a small code or script that helps deal with colors in Photoshop. This script allows users to create hotkeys to change the brightness of foreground color.

RotateMe Photoshop Actions

RotateMe Photoshop Action is another PSD to HTML converter tool from Captain Awesome. This tool is an action that enables developers and designers to clone objects that are within a circle. This tool has a couple of versions featuring 12 and 36 copies of shape layers.


 2X Size Scaler is a Photoshop extension that’s designed to help app developers and designers do their magic easily. This tool lets its users to double the size of their design with just a single click.

Adobe Add-ons

AutoSave is available for free at the Adobe Exchange website. This tool helps its users to save all of their documents automatically. What’s good about this tool is that users can set the timer, ranging from which the tool saves their files.

 RealSizer Script

 RealSizer Script is one of the best Photoshop scripts that must have to help them have a better mobile user interface design. This PSD tool helps its users display their designs at a real size through their computer monitor with full size printing capabilities.

Photoshop Tones Action

Photoshop Tones Action helps web developers to create tones that deal with tints and shades of a color. This tool comes in handy to users who wish to generate color palettes.

Export to Android Photoshop Script

Export To Android Script this type of script works to duplicate a selected layer as well as layer group into a new document and at the same time scaling it into the 5 common Android size, which are XXHDPI, XHDPI, HDPI, MDPI, and LDPI.

Layout Wrapper for Photoshop

Layout Wrapper 'Flat' Edition is a tiny and cute script that works with Photoshop. PSD converter tools like this one wraps documents through a Safari browser that’s in a flat style.

Perspective Tools

Perspective Tools is a panel of scripts that helps developers and designers to make orthogonal projections and vanishing points.


SuperPNG is a free plug-in for Adobe Photoshop so that web developers and designers can use PNG files. It offers a comprehensive support for most file formats that includes control over the Alpha Channel handling.




Renamy is a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop that offers multiple layer renaming capabilities for the app. This enables its users to choose many layers, while having the capability to rename it in just a single click.