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All About Lecrae (116 Clique)

Lecrae Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop artist, record producer, and actor. He is the president, co-owner and co-founder of the independent record label Reach Records, and the co-founder and president of the non-profit organization ReachLife Ministries.

"People struggle with categories. Categories make us feel comfortable because it’s how we make sense of things in our minds," Grammy-award winner Lecrae Moore ponders.

Lecrae Mixes Rap and Theology to Find Mainstream Success

NEW YORK: He's been crowned the "new hip-hop king" and his latest album, "Anomaly," topped iTunes and Amazon charts the day of its September release. He's been invited to birthday parties for both Billy Graham and Michael Jordan and riffed on NBC's "Tonight Show" with host Jimmy Fallon.

Lecrae Discusses His Brand of Hip-Hop: 'I'm a Social Anthropologist'

There is a stigma attached to Christian music. And Atlanta-based rapper Lecrae wants no part of being stereotyped. "My music is not Christian, Lecrae is," he often explains to the press. "I think Christian is a wonderful noun, but a terrible adjective," he tells Crossfade. "Are there Christian shoes, Christian clothes, Christian plumbers, Christian pipes?

Lecrae - Nuthin'

Gawvi, get 'em!

[Bridge: Dimitri McDowell]
Here we go again in circles
I think I heard it all
We been here before
But we need something more
Something more
Something more
What you say
I can't hear cause you...

[Hook: Lecrae]
Ain't talking 'bout nuthin' (ain't talking 'bout nuthin')(x4)
What you talking 'bout
They be talking 'bout the same old thing
I'mma have to call a foul in the game
What you talking 'bout
A little money now you all OG
Talking 'bout it's all eyes on me
They ain't talking 'bout nuthin'

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Let me guess you counting money to the ceiling
Difference 'tween us like at least a couple million
It's foreign cars, pretty girls everywhere you go
Yeah I heard it 30 times on the radio
Lou Vuitton ain't gon' pay you for that bragging
And Donatella prolly never heard your album
Yeah they probably 'bout to label me a hater
But I know these people greater than the songs they created
It's little homies in the hood regurgitating
And everybody watching thinking that you made it
The truth is for a few designer labels and a little bit of paper now you 12 years slaving
Hey but you ain't Lupita
So why you beat up and pushing people to lean on a double cup
And a seizure
It sound like you put your feet up
You still a slave and money can't buy you freedom partna'



[Verse 2: Lecrae]
Tell me why the song's on in my car (hear the radio)
Why the song on in my gym (what they saying now)
And the song's stuck in my head (I can't take no more)
I still don't know what y'all saying
Lemme lemme lemme do this
I'mma be a straight shooter
Aye we was made in His image
Why we so Judas
Talking bread like we at the last supper
Throwing money at these women make it rain in the summer
I ain't advertising brands on the radio
They expensive and I know they ain't gon' pay me for
Telling kids to go in debt, for the 'vette that they'll prolly never get
But I talk about it every song
And every song talking 'bout they selling work on every corner
Don't talk about the laws, taking kids away from mommas
Don't talk about your homie in the trauma cause he shot up
Or what about your young boy messing up the product
They don't talk about the bond money that they ain't have
And everybody snitch on everybody in the jam
They don't talk about the pain, they don't talk about the struggle
How they turn to the Lord when they ran into trouble
I'mma talk about it
I don't care if the world try to swallow me
I turn my back to 'em, tell 'em all follow me
I know you gon' label me a hater
But inside you are greater than the songs you creating man



Hey man, the way I see it
I think we were made for more
Than just, ya know, the simple things that we aspire toward
We were made for more than just telling stories about
How much money we can get by selling poison to people
It's time to talk about who we are and who we can be
And we need to build each other up and not put each other down
I feel like we not talking about nothing right now


KB - Sideways Ft. Lecrae

[Hook: Perfekt]
Sideways, came in this thing sideways
Get turnt, get lit sideways
Haters looking at me sideways
Sideways, sideways
I ain't slept in like 9 days
Heard they be talking sideways
Leaning in this thing sideways, sideways

[Verse 1: KB]
They wanna see your boy Kevin wear (down)
Hope the worst when they tell me go and break a leg
This music with or without me boy
Still gonna be intersecting circles like an Audi boy
Feelin' like I'm ballin' boy
Reading James can't let my heart harden boy
Don't need a side chick the main dish a problem boy
I be turning down girls like the volume boy
Do what we wanna do
Truth and the fruit, who really wanna juice
Move with a humble few these dudes who befuddle you
Derek Jeter boy, we cool being number 2
Them sons of the Father
Beast all four quarters won't change for a dollar
I put it on my momma
I ain't got no worries like hakuna matata


[Verse 2: KB]
The Lion King said D-I-E
Then brought us back to life like a EMT
No Biggie to me that you could do it B-I-G
'Till you and God align like a DMV
You rappers are neon green
Yukon Denalis, wanna be G MC's
But overdose on Christ see a G OD
G-O-D, that's what you see on me, now turn up
They know when we pull up
Where they working them traps like a pull up
So we bringin' 'em trap and a full cup
The full cup of water that's livin'
They don't know what to do with us
Degree in theology, raps for a livin'
Black man in first class that is reading the scriptures
I put my tray table up
Smile, why they lookin' sideways?

[Hook] x2

[Verse 3: Lecrae]
Ooh, I promise you, you better come tell 'em, tell 'em
I ain't the one, I never was, I never will be
Somebody better come get 'em
I wonder what got in they head
Wonder what got in they mind (mind)
They got me mixed up, messed up
Click, hold on it's somebody on the line
Hello, uh, I ain't tryin' to build CHH
I'm in my own lane but they like he ain't safe
They rappin' in a bubble can't nobody see they face
I ain't worried 'bout a genre, the street ain't safe
I know some people out there probably envy my space
But envy is empty, come see my face
Full of scars, full of pain
I don't see much grace
Street Fighter, Ryu, catchin' heat all day, I'm good
And lately I've been hangin' in the hood
Everybody lookin' like, what?
You for the people, you pushin' back evil
Not just in the steeple, you out in the woods
Where the lions and the wolves at
Still waters run deep, but my crew run deeper
We already died we ain't scared of the reaper
We are too alive we don't fear what you're speaking
Seeing sideways, eyesight crooked
You ain't never seen us cause you ain't lookin'
And if I say Jesus, everybody start bookin'
Get out the kitchen when I'm cookin'
Pot sideways, whippin' that, whippin' that bass
That's what they wanna hear us say
Until we all get caught selling twenty dollar rocks
And we're just another slave of the state
Seeing sideways!

[Hook] x2



Houston, TX, USA

Houston, TX, USA


Unashamed by Lecrae - New Book

Pre-buy at to get your copy and get choice of a free "Unashamed 116" t-shirt, exclusive song from Lecrae, or other items to be revealed soon.

Unashamed was released on May 3, 2016.

About the book:

Two-time Grammy winning hip-hop artist, Lecrae, learned this lesson through more than his share of adversity—childhood abuse, drugs and alcoholism, a stint in rehab, an abortion, and an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

Along the way, Lecrae attained an unwavering faith in Jesus and began looking to God for affirmation. Now as a chart-topping industry anomaly, he has learned to ignore the haters and make peace with his craft. The hip-hop artist holds nothing back as he divulges the most sensitive details of his life, answers his critics, shares intimate handwritten journal entries, and powerfully models how to be Christian in a secular age.

This is the story of one man's journey to faith and freedom.

Church Clothes 3 - A Short Film

Watch Church Clothes 3 - A Short Film, a compilation from the highly-anticipated third installment of his celebrated mixtape series. The short film features It Is What It Is, Gangland ft. Propaganda, Deja Vu and Misconceptions 3 ft. John Givez, JGivens, Jackie Hill Perry.

Church Clothes 3 is executive produced by S1 (Kanye West, Jay-Z) and the mixtape features E-40, N'Dambi, Propaganda, John Givez, JGivens, Jackie Hill Perry, and KB.

Directed by Nathan Corrona for Dustbrand Films

Lecrae - Misconceptions 3 ft. John Givez, JGivens & Jackie Hill Perry

[Verse 1: John Givez]
Fictitious foolies got me on a sick one
I'm still from Tha Side ready to die for the mission
Or meditate it, then I levitated
Elevated, celebrated
You should celebrate it, this is that embedded greatness
Good, good God
I'm a mad man, mathematic-static
Still in the stars
I'm a bad man, bask in the battle
I'm a battered mad hatter with the earth on a platter
Meek and mild 'til I get freakin' wild
It's a misconception messin' with your intellect
I reckon it'll be neck and neck
Before I let the deck eject the message
This is not a warning, this is what you wanted on the table
'Crae, let 'em know the lil' homie willin' and able
It's Givez

[Verse 2: JGivens]
Vegas, get active
Flippin' your city like gentrification all in the ghetto upon a dirty mattress
Word to that sister actress
Nevada gets it crackin'
It’s hot and J got a jacket
Pull petals back if you askin' if love’s a long practice
Full metal jacket dually known as a banana clip when rappin'
That's a loaded magazine of ammunition
Plan out snippets so these magazines don't go bananas
Over loaded clips or flows floatin'
Only showin' sinkin' ships 10% of why he's frozen
Let it go, it's hotter than sprinters in Arizona
Juxtapose 'em to a snowman in Nova Scotia
It's rap's Christopher Nolan
Picture me rollin', pistol emoji, blaow!
This a misconception triple threat
Did Givens flex? Still a Christian? Yep
Don't need acknowledgement, just respect the conglomerate
Double tap it and follow it
They shocked to see us like Donald Trump up in a taqueria
Watchin' Evita, cryin' over Argentina
Or Maria dominatin' Serena
I'm tryna find a big homie for Slim Jesus
Thesis of a new hope
More hardcore than Star Wars part four rated R
Or Rosa Parks sore feet kicked off the bus exitin' starboard
Light saves like a time change
Hands up and down like a sine wave
Gospel be the humble, don't sleep the beast is a mind frame

[Verse 3: Jackie Hill Perry]
They told me to rap: what's that?
Is it tracks, is it facts?
Is it trap, is it rats?
What metaphor? Is you ready for the medic stored inside it
Is it similes or violence?
Is it sympathy or similar
The sinner's lord's inside 'em
The problem ain’t wordplay
I get schizophrenic with sittin', straight jackin' the beat
Blood all on it, #DraculaScheme, trick or treat
It ain’t magic, I'ma vanish when I pass to the team
32, half that
Grab a 16 and let us shoot
Betty Boop wit the black top
I’m a mascot for the dreaded truth
Locks all in my head, ain’t no chain that I hang from
But He hang from where I came from, that’s death
Guess what, I ain’t done
I'm rappin'
Beneath it is Jesus reachin' for actors
Living halle', add the 'lujah with the asterisk
Correction, then bury the body under the mattress
Livin' my dream while you sleepin' in different caskets

[Verse 4: Lecrae]
Look, I was created to make a statement
A sentence sent us to earth on this mission
Tryna make a way for my siblings
Brothers and sisters who drinkin'
Out of them cisterns with cracks in 'em
Listen but lack hearin'
Who lookin' but lack vision
Initially made in the Lord's image, dynamic
Nothing lackin', magic couldn't make it happen
Look at us, you hear us rappin'
Now they complaining but how can they be mad at all?
King dreamed a dream but we seen scenes that'll make us all
Change the channel, we channel all of this energy
Pretend to be savages, we ravage our so-called enemies
That look like us
But it look like us ain't gon' make it less we shake it
We can't look back much
Turned around to give a helping hand
I'm like, "Man, they gon' make it, makin' baking soda boiling inside these pans"
Now they're wondering, is it rap or is it Gospel?
Look all you need to know is I was dead, now I'm not though
Real recognizing real, and if they don't love me like Pac
They better respect how I'm movin' and that I'm never gon' stop
I hit my pastor on the cell, I said, "I'm catching hell"
Well, what you think they did to Jesus?
Only time will tell
Can't believe we rap about the faith and people like the sound
We out here workin' in the streets, you better ask around
Tell them other rappers we don't want it, they can have the crown
They have to lay it down when you hear that trumpet sound
We know who got the keys to the kingdom
When the King come, crown Him, and your king dumb if his kingdom ain't bout Him
Say it with your chest, when the bishop is the king and the knight
The queen get the rest
I'm the only pawn that's on one, back in '01
I was wishin' labels signed me, but now I own one
That ain't braggin', that's just motivation
Get your education, this industry overrated, Satan-saturated
Folk be lyin' to your face, and sayin' they glad you made it
Turn your back and you can hear 'em hatin' in they conversation
Ooh, snake face with the same bait and the same fate
Fake faith will get your face ate, zero-eight bass
Nah, base like the base plate
How you runnin' home?
You ain’t in that zone, they don’t let it slide
You ain’t safe
Wonder how do we survive in this suicide, do or die jungle?
Let the Spirit lead like He want to

[Outro: Lecrae]
Yeah, Misconceptions 3
Come and mess with we, yeah
Givens, Givez, Jackie, 'Crae, we out


Lecrae - Gangland ft. Propaganda

We not playin' out here, it's for real. We livin' out here for life, we tryna to get it. Ain't nobody finna take our life. I keep my young homies out here with these things, my big homies keep handlin' me. And we keep it crackin'. My other name should've been Jesse James cause I stay with my cannon. I didn't have no choice, I was raised right around the corner from where we standin'. Hollow points in it and all of that, I'm ready. We gang bangin'!

[Intro: Lecrae]
My cousin beep was a killer
He done pulled a lot of triggers
He done made a lot of mamas cry
And if you ask him why he do it he'd just say, "I'm young and foolish"
Bang on you right before he made them bullets fly

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
He ain't have no sense of dignity, his daddy was a mystery
He'll probably end up dead or sittin' in a penitentary
And tell the judge he can go to hell for the sentence
And it probably make no sense to you but listen to the history:
The new Jim Crow or the old one
People out here fightin' for equality and honestly I think they owed some
Back and forth some
Cleaver got a message for the people
Bunchy with 'em and they tryna stop the evil
And they cliqued up with they fist up
The whole neighborhood feelin' like they meant somethin'
Then it was a mix-up, fed's got 'em fixed up
End of the movement, back to the bricks, bruh
And Raymond Washington about to start the Crips up
They gettin' bigger every day and tryna fix stuff
They saw Geronimo Pratt dodgin' bullets from attacks
Guess they figure, "We don't really want it this much"

[Break 1: Lecrae]
You know originally, the gangs were created to protect everybody in the community. There was lynching and bombing going on and the gangs were there to protect. What people don't understand is that a lot of the leaders died. Medgar Evers (has been shot), Bunchy Carter (has been shot), Fred Hampton (has been shot), MLK (has been shot in Memphis Tennessee). These youngsters didn't have any direction. No leaders to look up to so they imploded on themselves

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
They say that Crip stands for Community
Revolutionary Interparty Service
Way before the genocide and the murders
A little after integration was the verdict
When bombs might go off at the Sunday service (baow!)
They protectin' they community
Then it turn into diplomatic immunity
Then a fight against oppression was the pressin'
Now they keep on losin' battles and they started losin' unity
Now they beat each other blue-black
Force fed self hate 'till the truth crack
Got they own folks hidin' on the rooftops
They ain't finna take no more, they finna shoot back (baow!)
Now they bond like a family they all bloods
From the concrete jungle to the small hoods
Throwin' signs up, now the crime's up
We was meant to kill oppression now we loadin' 9's up
But never mind us, grind us
Factory done closed, now a lot of people jobless
Now they got the drugs comin' in from Nicaragua
Government done turned a blind eye, or they liars

[Break 2: Lecrae]
It was a perfect storm. I mean, we're talkin' post-segregation. And what are you gonna do? The factories have closed and no one's hiring anybody from the urban community because of what you look like. And now there's a war going on in Nicaragua and drugs are being imported into your community. Are you gonna to sell drugs or are you gonna be homeless? Cause the government's not paying attention

[Verse 3: Propaganda]
Huh, man you tell me
What's a reasonable man to say?
There's a high school in Alabama named after Robert E. Lee And it's 89% black, you don't see the irony?
What it do to a psyche, it's simple, you don't like me
What I'm 'posed to do now?
Delusional calling that system criminal justice
Where the rich and the guilty are safer than the poor and the innocent
Why would we listen?
When American churches scuff they Toms on our brother's dead bodies
As they march to stop gay marriage
We had issues with Planned Parenthood too
We just cared about black lives outside the womb just as much as in
Young man gon' find purpose somehow
And a nation was at least around
And when them vice lords told him he was of royal descent
And that war on drugs felt much more like war on the poor
He figured forget it
So why don't you come stay a while?
Tell us that the son of man walked on Egyptian
And Eastern soil and wasn't just a Western construct
Or master used to control us
But what the Master used to free us
And it was a crooked system just like this that left the King of Kings bloodless
Yeah, we are truly a descendant of a King
Only his reign is infinite
And being right is a distant second to the joy of compassion
Why don't you come stay a while?


Lecrae - Deja Vu

[Intro: Lecrae]
Yeah, the whole world's gone crazy
People riot in the streets
Killin' unborn babies
Catchin' shots from police

[Verse 1: Lecrae]
Never thought that I would see the day
When I would have to pray for God to hold me down
Cause Lord, I feel like giving up today
I feel like giving up the faith
I swear these people fake, I swear they full of hate
I swear to tell the truth 'til I'm in the grave
Shots-shots fired, everybody quiet
Tryna hear the preacher, he ain't preachin' to the choir
Preachin' to the riots that he got fired
He ain't got no medicare, sippin' liquor in his chair
Blank stare, need a blank check, where your bank at?
Babies had a birthday, they gon' need a rain check
Rich man need a vacation, hop a plane
Broke man need a vacation, Mary Jane
Walk outside and everything is lovely
Butterflies in my stomach from this girl I wanna see
Party in the neighborhood and everybody on the street
They was on that Stevie Wonder now it's Frankie Beverly
I done seen days go crazy, time fly by
Maybe it was yesterday or maybe 65
Peace then war, sworn in, die
All too familiar, more lifetimes

[Hook 1: Lecrae]
One time for the memories, two times for the crew
Three times for the love, y'all
And Four times for the truth
And some days are a nightmare
And some dreams come true
But the Lord's still right there
It's just déjà vu
It's just déjà vu, déjà vu
It's just déjà vu, y'all
It's just déjà vu
It feel like Tribe Called Quest, it feel like De La Soul
It feel all too familiar, it feel like déjà vu

[Verse 2: Lecrae]
I said I love you, hit the door
Got a mission, gotta go
Yeah, it's cold, but I'm gon' pursue that
She said she love me but she know
I'm too old to be waiting for handout, boy you knew that
And if they try to keep me down
Hold my ground 'til they all look around
And they wonder, "Who that?"
They don't respect my mind, they'll respect my grind
So I told her, "I got to do that"
Now maybe I was talkin' to my lady
But I think I told my mama same thing
I told her I was all about the action
And then I got Ghostface in my dream
Déjà vu, parlez-vous français? Quoi de neuf?
Everything the same under the sun, that's why we burnin' up
Don't believe astrology, but man, I hated cancer
Breast, lung, throat, blood, prayin' for an answer
Seem like it was yesterday, they came and took your breath away
And I ain't get a chance to tell you everything I want to say
Now they say your sister got it too
Yeah, they say it's true
Guess it's never finished til it's you
Déjà vu

[Hook 2: Lecrae]
One time for the memories, two times for the crew
Three times for the love, y'all
Four times for the truth
Some days are a nightmare
And some dreams come true
But the Lord's still right there
It's just déjà vu, it's just déjà vu
Déjà vu
It's just déjà vu, y'all
It's just déjà vu

[Outro: Lecrae]
It's just déjà vu, déjà vu
It's just déjà vu, y'all
It's just déjà vu
And some days are a nightmare
And some dreams come true
But the Lord's still right there
It's just déjà vu


Lecrae @ TOGETHER 2016 | National Mall, D.C. | 7.16.16

On the National Mall in July 2016, we are gathering as one—lifting a unified sound, asking Jesus to reset our generation. Join thousands who are lifting a unified sound declaring that Jesus changes everything.