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Updated by Antivia Software on Oct 02, 2015
Headline for Best business intelligence articles, 17 - 24 November
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Best business intelligence articles, 17 - 24 November

Antivia's usual Monday boost of knowledge - a list of the top BI articles of the past week.

Making Existing Big Data Investments Work For You

CIOs and CMOs have stopped talking about big data and data analytics as something they're exploring or planning on looking into in the near future. Analysts and experts rarely, if ever, call big data the "next big thing" any more. Does all this mean big data is over? Just the opposite.

Searching For Truths In Big, Enormous, Massive Data

We have so much data, mountains and mountains of data. In fact, there's so much, the name 'Big Data' doesn't even do it justice. Maybe we should call it humongous data or at least enormous data.

How Physicians Are Driving Data Analytics Advances in Health Care

Five Ways Automation Speeds Up Big Data Deployments You'd think physicians would have enough to worry about, with all that medical stuff they have to deal with. But it seems that in addition to the stethoscope draped around their necks, a lot of them are wearing a data analytics hat.

5 Considerations You Need To Review Before Investing In Data Analytics

Big data, when handled properly, can lead to big change. Companies in a wide variety of industries are partnering with data analytics companies to increase operational efficiency and make evidence-based business decisions.

SMBs Win as Business Intelligence Hits the Cloud

Business intelligence from the cloud means big savings and an advantage over the competition.

Q: Is analysis just for analysts? A: Yes and no

In an article in the Midsize Insider a few weeks ago Shawn Drew wrote that the latest research from Gartner "points out that advanced analytics is the fastest-growing area under the BI umbrella". It feels like we are moving towards a "BI for analysts only" culture, so I feel compelled to ask: Is analysis just for analysts?