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Electronic Gadgets & Maintenance

Everyday billions of people worldwide are using their cell phones, PDAs, Laptops, Computers and other electronic gadgets. They need a universal sanitizing solution that can clean their gadgets in no time and make them germ free. Here are some useful resources to help you know about Wireless Wipes, one of the leading cell phone wipe manufaturer and distributer. For details -
Clean Your Cell Phone Using Electronic Screen Wipes | Wireless Wipes

With rampant use of mobile devices all over the world, mobile device care and maintenance has become an issue of importance when it comes to the durability of gadgets. Wireless Wipes, one of the leading electronic screen wipes manufacturer and supplier from New York, has been servicing for 2 years in mobicare industry to clean mobile phones, PDA's, and laptop computer screens. Browse the website for detailed information.

Have You Tried Wireless Wipes To Buy Screen Wipes for iPhone, iPod, Laptop

Shop for cell phone wipes at very good prices online. Available in 3 varieties - Green Tea Cucumber, Rosemary Peppermint, Pomegranate Citrus. To shop for these wipes, visit the website or call at 855-699-4737

A Guide to Make Your Gadgets Germ Free With Electronic Screen Wipes

Cleaning your gadgets, without worrying about ruining their screen or performance gets easier with electronic screen wipes. Read on to know how gadgets can be germ free with this product.

How to Crystal Clean Your Cell Phones in 5 Easy Steps?

No need to follow ellaborated measures for cleaning your phone. Get your mobile phone's screen crystal cleaned in 5 easy steps to avoid germs to spread through your body. Read this post to explore about wireless wipes with anti-bacterial capabilities.

Why do You Need Wireless Wipes?
For every mobile addicted individual, Wireless Wipes can prove to be a healthy hand to sanitize their phones. Your phone are filled with bacteria and we need to keep you healthy and your device clean! So, make your iPhone, Android, Windows phone, laptops, PDAs germ free with screen wipes. To know how, just visit the website. Wireless Wipes is an online distributor of electronic screen wipes for your Smartphone, iPod, laptop and more. Call 855-699-4737
5 Products to Keep Smartphones Dust Free
This article talks about 5 of the most popular cleaning products to keep your phone germ free. Those five products are smartphone screen wipes, microfiber cleaning cloths, bryson screen cleaner, goldmine easy cleaning rollers, targus cleanvu cleaning pads. To know how they can clean your phone, just read the article.
5 Ways To Keep Your Cell Phone Germ Free
Get rid of oily blotches, dirt, dust, microbes and germs using these 5 simple tips to make your phone hygienic and smell delicious. Wireless Wipes, one of the leading screen wipes supplier in US brings you a perfect guide to make your cell phone germ free.
Wireless Wipes Social Stories For Smartphone Screen Wipes

Here is the social story of Wireless Wipes, one of the leading smartphone screen wipes distributor and supplier in US. Wireless Wipes are designed to clean cell phones, PDAs, and laptops. Follow this profile to get latest updates on how you can easily clean your smartphone with just a soft wipe.

Save Over 30% On 1 Case of Screen Wipes for $200

Here is an amazing deal for all smart phone users from Wireless Wipes. Now you can save over 30% on purchase of 1 case of smart phone screen wipes. Each case contain 72 pouches of wipes.

Features of these Wipes:

  • Non-abrasive,
  • Non-streaking, and
  • Scented wipes

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1 Case of 36 Pouches of Wireless Wipes for $67.50

Get ready for one more amazing deal from Wireless Wipes for all smart phones. Now you can save money on purchase of 1 case of smart phone screen wipes. Each case contain 36 pouches of wipes that are designed specifically for cleaning glasses and electronics without the danger of static discharge, including computers, cell phones, cameras, televisions, and more.

How Much Do You Think a Wireless Wipe Pouch Can Cost?

If you cleaning your smartphone worth hundreds of dollars with a dry cloth to save few dollars, then you are not aware of this amazing deal from Wireless Wipes. Now you can own a pouch of electronic screen wipes starting from $3.99 available in 3 delicious fragrances - Green Tea Cucumber, Rosemary Peppermint, Pomegranate Citrus. Call 855-699-4737 or visit the website. Shipping charges - $1.99

Check Delicious Fragrance of Wireless Wipes at Amazing Price

1 Pouch of electronic cleaning wipes available at just $2.50. These wipes are ideal for use at the office, in the home, or at school. You can clean your gadgets without the danger of static discharge. They’re also great at removing germs, fingerprints, dirt, and spots. Shipping charges - $1.99