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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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@Listly Shareathon Players. Are you ready?

Add your Twitter link below to join this unique shareathon blogging contest.

Topic = Are You Ready for 2012, the Year of Social Business?

Write for or against Social Business. It's your choice

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Not enough estrogen in here!


First challenger to Nick Kellet. Crate of gauntlets by my side to smack down the next challengers :)


Ready to take the devil's advocate


Forget the devil's advocate, I AM the Devil.


Are you ready to challenge me? I'm Listly's co-founder and brave enough to be first to enter this contest. Think of the glory and bragging rights. Can you smell victory?


While you 4 guys ahead of me sling the testosterone I'll sit back and try to write a blog post to compete with the killer women who will probably be the ones to beat in this chalenge.


I am here Margie! more heels in the room


Okay @NickKellet - game on!