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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 17, 2014
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Ford F150

The 2015 Ford F150 is all any truck driver can talk about. The buzz around its new body and all the tech inside its cab has spread from dealer to dealer. With all the updates to the classic there might be a few fun facts that the average Joe wouldn’t know.




The new Ford F150 body is made out of aluminum-alloy. The Ford is the first truck in its class to have a body made out of this military tested material.




The Ford frame is made out of steel. Any truck enthusiast, from Utah to the East Coast, will say that this frame is the safest on the market.


The 2015 F150 is 700 pounds lighter than it has ever been. The four-engine lineup provides the best performance across the board.




The four-engine lineup provides the best performance across the board. The F150 comes with two EcoBoost options and a v6 or v8 engine. From speed to horsepower, this truck has it covered.




The weight has made it possible to tow even more, and the dynamic hitch assist has helped it become the first in class towing truck.




The box, or bed is covered in luxuries. The LED lights in the bed, and the storable loading ramps make the bed useful in the dark Utah Mountains.


This Ford was built tough, but it didn’t sacrifice style in the process. The cab is full of the plushest leather and some of the most high tech screens in the business.


This F150 uses LED strands on its outside lighting. The LED is extended to the mirrors for spot lighting and to the trailer hitch for attaching trailers in the dark.


From the 360 degree camera to the lane keeping system this Ford is smarter than ever. The collision warning and blind spot warning will help in the dark Utah winter storms.


The final touch on this smart truck is the remote control tailgate. This moves the heavy tailgate without any labor being required from the owner.




Ciera Putnam is an automotive writer. Information provided by Henry Day Ford. She writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find her on Google +

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