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Apple iPhone & iPad Troubleshooting Tips

Helpful guide to repair your iPhone/iPad

Apple Customer Service Number 0844 381 5190

For all enquiries regarding one of the biggest technology companies in the world, use the telephone number on this website for Apple customer service. Apple products have become synonymous with the modern world and entertainment on the go. The iPod was closely followed by the iPhone and the iTouch and all of these allow for communication and entertainment on the move.

How To Fix iPhone 5S Power/Sleep/Wake-up Button?

If your iPhone 5S power/sleep/wake-up button is no longer responding at all or is stuck hard to push, then most probably it might be defective. Unfortunately, the power button issue is the most common problem associated with the iPhone 5S device since its launch.

How To Replace Your iPhone 5s Volume Control?

Suddenly, you realized that the volume control button of your iPhone 5S has stopped to work. Now you try to toggle between the Vol. up and down control button but it still yields no result. Now you wonder, you already faced the similar problem with your iPhone 4 home button.

Apple iPhone 4S Teardown - A Visual Guide

Now just like what the iPhone 3GS did to its predecessor the 3G, the iPhone 4S similarly knocked the iPhone 4 down to the secondary status. The iPhone 4S arrives with a faster processor, far better camera, a smarter virtual aide and double the storage capacity of its predecessor.

iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement - DIY Repair Guide

So you recently started having trouble with the speaker on your GSM/AT&T iPhone 4 mobile and you wish to opt for the DIY repair. Now repairing/replacing your iPhone 4's bottom speaker assembly is quite a straight forward procedure. Only pre requisites are the right tools, good instruction guide, ample time and quality parts.

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement - DIY Repair

The person I call cannot hear me unless I use speaker. - Does the dock connector of an iPhone 4 work on the 4s? - Charging is not supported with this accesseries. - Why does my home button not work ?

iPhone 5 LCD Shield Plate Replacement - How To Guide

Your iPhone 5 device is attributed by a solid metal shield plate attached right behind its LCD screen which provides a protection barrier. This solid metal shield plate is bolted right into the LCD screen's rear frame.

iPhone 5 Logic Board Replacement - A Perfect Guide

The latest concern buzzing around every Apple user forum is regarding the serious damage done to the iPhone5's logic board by some of the unauthorized lightning cables or chargers. And the result is - certain handsets are not charging beyond one percent or even failing to boot up at all.

iPhone 5 Vibrator Replacement: DIY Guide

How to fix a broken vibrator in your iPhone 5? - Vibrate not working at all with iOS7 - How to turn off vibrate for alarm on iphone 5 ? - Hello my iphone is stuck on vibrate and it wont...

iPhone 5 Wifi Antenna Replacement Guide

Now if your iPhone 5 device has started to prompt for error each time you opt to connect with any wifi network, then most probably the wifi antenna of your device is faulty. Additional indications of a bad wifi antenna might also include inability to find any networks at all.

How To Replace My iPad Battery?: iPad Problems

One problem which has rapidly escalated after each of the iOS update is the battery drain issue. Most of the iPhone and iPad users have time and again complained about the downbeat effect that each iOS updates cast on their respective battery lifespan.

iPad Problems: How To Replace iPad LCD?

So your iPad's LCD didn't survive your unintentional drop test and the result is - either a cracked front panel display or a blacked out half LCD screen from the top with only a few visible colored lines as exceptions.

How To Repair iPad 3G Logic Board?

After failing an accidental drop test, now half of your iPad screen is not responding to your touch. You unscrewed each of the nuts and eventually found that one of the digital connectors on the logic board is broken. You searched for a few logic board replacements online.

How to Repair iPad 3G Ambient Light Sensor?

So the ambient light sensor of your iPad 3G has stopped functioning. It literally means that even if the auto-brightness option of your iPad 3G device is enabled, it is still not adjusting by itself in accordance with the different lighting conditions.

How to Fix iPhone 4 Cellular Antenna?

If you own an iPhone 4 phone and experiencing antenna or reception issues, then something must be wrong with your cellular antenna. You can visit your nearby iPhone repair shop to enquire about the problem and if they inform you that the entire antenna assembly is to be replaced, you just don't need to pay the heavy bill right over there to get it replaced.

iPhone 4S Rear Camera Replacement : How-to Guide

So you accidently dropped your precious iPhone 4S mobile and though there was not any apparent damage, you later found that your rear camera is not functioning at all. And after a brief interaction with the repair person, you are being informed that the entire rear camera assembly of your iPhone 4S device is damaged and needs a replacement.

How To Replace Your iPad 2 GSM Home Button Assembly?

So after just getting your iPad2 GSM's screen digitizer replaced, now suddenly its home button assembly has stopped to respond. And you are very confused how the home button assembly even interfaces with the device's logic board, as according to you it is just a small PCB board located right behind the visible button which is not connected with anything at all.

How To Fix iPad 2 GSM Broken LCD ?

Now in case if your iPad 2 front panel glass is broken or shattered or is not responding to your touch but its LCD screen underneath is apparently OK or in case if your iPad 2 screen is apparently leaking ink or it is displaying only lines or is entirely blank or in case if both the iPad 2 LCD as well as its glass touch screen digitizer are damaged, then in all these cases the service repair cost from any authorized service center might cost you a fortune.

iPhone 4 Screen Display Assembly Replacement Guide

So your precious iPhone 4 device failed your unintentional drop test. And the result of the drop test! - A broken front glass and LCD. Now, the iPhone screen repair is quite straightforward, only thing is both the front glass and LCD needs to be replaced as a unit.

How To Fix Front Facing Camera Of iPad 2 GSM?

And you are a big time follower of Skype or FaceTime, so the front facing camera of your iPad 2 GSM device without any doubt assumes a great significance. And suddenly your front camera has malfunctioned or is not working properly.

How To Replace Display Data Cable in iPad 2 GSM?

Now with millions of iPad2 units already in use by equivalent number of consumers, many unfortunate users have experienced display problems on their respective devices. Many of these iPad2 display problems are associated with its Display data cable malfunction. The DIY repair/replacement of the Display Data cable is possible though it is quite difficult to perform.