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Box Mod Builds

Unregulated box mod with a Mosfet

This guy has a few great video tutorials on box mod builds. This one has a Mosfet, another one he did didn't have that in it, His videos are very well laid out and informational, One thing he does is pre makes everything but then goes back and takes you through step by step in very good detail.
I like Because
- Wiring Diagram in video
- Very informational
- Parts list on youtube page

" I decided to add a Mosfet in this unregulated dual 18650 box mod. This way, the use of a non-rated switch will no longer be an issue. Bought the two parts required from Mosfet - IRLB3034PBF 15K ohm resistor - RN60D1502FB14 Search in using the part numbers listed above. "

How to Build Unregulated Dual 18650 Box Mod

This is a great box mod tutorial, some of the parts like the 510 connector arent the best you can buy but it still is a great video. Very Detailed information.
I like this because

How to Build a DNA Box Mod

OOO These are getting tricky, This time its another great video from our friends at FINDMYVAPES This time its a DNA Box Mod. Again like all the others very great information, Diagrams, parts lists everything.

" EVOLV DNA Chip: DNA Chip Clone: Hammonds 1590A: Lipo Batteries: 510 Top Cap: 510 Connector: Tactile Switches: Resettable Fuses: 20 gauge Wire: Soldering Iron: Solder: Soldering Flux: Heat Shrink: Double Sided Tape: 2 Part Epoxy: Lexan Sheet: VHT Night Shades: HOW TO SWIRL PAINT VIDEO: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM:

How to Build OKR Box Mod Tutorial

The guys from FIND MY VAPES do some great videos, This time these show us how to build a OKR T-10 Box Mod, You got me this time......
I like Because
- Great Information
- Downloadable Wiring Diagram

- Parts List

" DIY OKR Kits & Wiring Diagram: INDIVIDUAL PARTS OKR T/10: Hammond 1590G: Battery Sled: Fire Switch: 510 Connector: 200 ohm Potentiometer: 220 ohm Resistor: 1k ohm Resistor: Zener Diode: ON/OFF Switch: Magnets: 20 AWG Wire: Bedliner Spray: TOOLS Soldering Iron: Solder: Solder Flux: Heat Shrink:

DIY E-cig VV Box Mod with Volt & Ohm display measurement

Ya know this is a great tutorial, I dont know if its just the complex wireing that makes it look thrown together but I think im just tripping.
I like Because
- Many Diagrams in the video
- Well laid out
- Nice complex build

" VV box mod for 2x16340 or 2x18350 with On/Off switch,Volt/Ohm display. My Greek think, for a cheap and easy e-cig vape creation.

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