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Filters for Professional Photography

Camera Filters are the transparent optical elements which adult the properties of light entering to the lens and create novel effects in your photographs. These are 8 types of filters for professional photography that helps you to take stunning pictures.

UV Filters

Normally used as sunscreens to protect from Ultraviolet Rays of Sun. It can bring a flourished feel for your Photographs.

Polarizing Filter

Used when there is extreme light. It can darken skies, manage reflections and suppress glares in the photographs.

Neutral Density Filter

It can reduce the intensity of all wavelengths or colours equally. Used in over contrasted frames.

Grey Grad Colour Balancing Filter

Advanced Filter in Professional Colour Photography, used to enhance colours in a frame. We can also select specific colours for enhancement.

Soft Focus Filter

We can bring a dreamy effect for our photographs using this filter. This filter forms blurred images by spherical aberration.

IR Filters

Effective in - Landscape Photography .
Designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light.

Warming Filters

Used in warm light.
It's a graduating filter in Professional Photography

Contrast Filters

Depending on the time of day and weather conditions, contrast levels can often be too high or too low. To remedy contrast issues, we stock a number of filters that enable you to tweak contrast levels back to aesthetically agreeable levels.

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