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Headline for Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.11 - 14.11.2014
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Podsumowanie Tygodnia 7.11 - 14.11.2014

Fan Engagement With Top Brands on Instagram Has Increased 416%

Instagram has become influential over the last few years and brands are discovering that devoting advertising resources to Instagram is a good investment. A new infographic from Simply Measured, a provider of social analytics tools, details just how well brands are doing on the photo sharing service.

Twitter Will Onboard Users With "Instant Timeline", Inject Top Tweets From "While You Were Away"

Twitter has 500 million logged out users it's trying to squeeze value out of, but now it has a plan to fix its growth problem, which is really a new user retention problem.

Megapanel wrzesień 2014 - kategorie tematyczne

Grupa ciągle pozostaje na czwartym miejscu w kategorii "Biznes, Prawo, Finanse", a liderem - co zaskakujące - okazała się tym razem Wirtualna Polska, która w rankingu wydawców mocno odstaje od Onetu.

Facebook 'Say Thanks' videos turn your friendships into movies

Building off of the success of Facebook's wildly popular "Look Back" videos that took members down memory lane last year, the company launched on Wednesday another video tool that it hopes will go just as viral. Facebook's new video project "Say Thanks" lets users create personalized video cards for their friends and family that highlights the times they've shared together.

Pizza Hut unveils new logo

As one of the biggest restaurants in the world, it could be said that Pizza Hut is a pretty iconic brand. Using specific colours in branding throughout their logo history, their red, black, yellow (and sometimes green) designs are undeniably recognisable.

Największy fan Wiedźmina doczekał się swojego NPC w trzeciej części gry

Czy gry komputerowe mogą ratować zdrowie? Jak najbardziej tak. Przykładem tego jest pewien gracz, który choruje na nieustającą migrenę. Co więcej, jak na razie nie wynaleziono leku na tę przypadłość. Pomimo brania dużych ilości medykamentów ból często nie chce ustępować. Wówczas zbawienne okazują się czytanie, przeglądanie Reddita oraz... granie.

'Avengers: Age of Ultron' extended trailer is really just a Samsung ad

LOS ANGELES - An extended cut of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was released Wednesday, though even to call it "extended" is a stretch - seeing as it was really just an ad for Samsung.

Celebrate 10 years in Azeroth with Blizzard's World of Warcraft documentary

turns 10 years old in 2014, and Blizzard has released a documentary to mark the occasion. World of Warcraft: Looking for Group is an hour-long celebration of Blizzard's landmark in modern gaming and the enthusiastic culture that has coalesced around it.

Lockout Wants To Keep You From Posting Something You May Regret Later

You have probably heard (and seen) many stories about regrettable social media updates, posted on corporate or personal profiles, while the users were partying... To be honest, there is no such thing as good social media when you are not 100% focused on what you do.

YouTube Announces Music Subscription Service

We've known it was coming for a while, but today YouTube has announced a music subscription service called 'YouTube Music Key.' The new service, which is launching in beta, will offer full album streams and offline listening for $9.99 a month.

Apocalyptica Pen Theme for 'Angry Birds: On Finn Ice' Game

Apocalyptica are working on a new album, but the hard-hitting cellists recently took time out for a side project of sorts. The band wrote and recorded a theme song for the latest 'Angry Birds' game, 'On Finn Ice.' They've also shot a video for the track, which mixes a live action performance by the band with animations from the 'Angry Birds' world.

Samsung Makes Its Move: Beacons for Android, No App Required

Samsung will launch the Samsung Placedge Platform at their developer's conference tomorrow, and with it will cut out the need for a brand to have its own app to detect beacons. Instead, Samsung will provide a sort of uber-application that sits at the device layer, detecting a shared registry of beacons and pushing messages via a shared service.

Evernote raises $20 million from Japanese media conglomerate Nikkei

Evernote announced Monday that it has raised another $20 million in funding from Nikkei, a Japanese media conglomerate. The funding news was revealed along with an statement that Evernote is partnering with Nikkei to highlight relevant articles from the business media outlet to the app's users in real time.

Coca-Cola Hopes Its Startup Incubator Is The Real Thing

Suddenly major brands are looking to get into the startup funding game, whether we're talking GE, Yammer or even non-tech brands like McDonald's. Coca-Cola is another consumer brand looking for an edge by funding new startups. Coke isn't doing it for pure investment purposes necessarily, but because they believe lean startups can give them the creativity, agility and speed to market they lack.

'Grand Theft Auto V' launch trailer almost makes it look like a new game

You might think a re-release of a 14-month-old game wouldn't cause a lot of fanfare. But that's not true for games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Rockstar Games has done quite a bit to entice players back into the world of Los Santos, including releasing trailers that make the vast world feel fresh again.

Facebook dla biznesu - raport : Brief

Zachęcamy do ściągnięcia bezpłatnego raportu na temat narzędzi Facebooka, przeznaczonych dla biznesu, marketerów oraz osób zajmujących się reklamą. Raport był dodatkiem do wrześniowego, papierowego wydania magazynu "Brief". Treści zawarte w 32-stronnicowym raporcie zostały przygotowane przez zespół Polaków pracujących w polskim oddziale Facebooka.

Spidersweb czy Antyweb? - raport o blogach technologicznych i pozostają czołowymi serwisami blogowymi o nowych technologiach, miesięcznie odwiedzanymi - według Megapanelu - przez 150-250 tys. realnych użytkowników, natomiast nieco mniejszy zasięg ma Autorzy blogów uważają jednak, że Megapanel mocno zniekształca te statystyki, a dane z Google Analytics pokazują ich wzrosty - w przypadku Spiderswebu rekordowo wysokie.

'The Force Awakens': new 'Star Wars' film has title

Los Angeles (AFP) - "Star Wars" fans were sent into a frenzy as studio giant Disney revealed the title of the iconic franchise's seventh episode -- "The Force Awakens" -- and said filming was over. "The Force Awakens" immediately shot to the top of trending topics on Twitter after Walt Disney Pictures and the official "Star Wars" account released the much-anticipated title.

125 Best People to Follow on Twitter for Social Media Geeks

I pretty much owe my whole career to Twitter. I've met & learned from some of the best people in my industry there. In fact, it's safe to say that I wouldn't be where I am today without it.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Offers Shopping via Instagram - AllFacebook

Several brands maintain presences on Instagram, but Marc Jacobs Beauty figured out a way to allow Instagram users to shop via the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network. Instagram users can sign up here with their email addresses and Instagram account names, and they will receive weekly emails with details on how to purchase products featured in any posts by @marcbeauty that they liked, as long as those posts included the #shopmjb hashtag.

W Kuchni z Wedlem

Weź udział w niepowtarzalnym konkursie: Przez 5 tygodni zbieramy autorskie przepisy na pyszne dania z wykorzystaniem produktów Wedla. Pokaż swój pomysł i co piątek sprawdzaj wyniki!

Hyundai opens digital car showroom

Apparently, 40% of Britons are more likely to buy a car if they can avoid speaking to a sales person in the process, so this initiative aims to take them out of the equation. What is significant here is that customers can test drive a car, arrange finance and trade ins and buy all from the showroom.

Dropbox and Microsoft form surprise partnership for Office integration

Microsoft and Dropbox are teaming up today to more closely integrate Dropbox into Office. The surprise partnership will benefit Dropbox users who use Office across desktop, mobile, and the web as Microsoft's productivity suite will soon become the standard way to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files stored on Dropbox storage.

When This Lingerie Brand Stopped Photoshopping Models, Sales Shot Up 9%

Aerie's bold decision to ditch Photoshop and other retouching tools in its lingerie ads may be paying off in more than just good karma and public approval. According to Business Insider, the branch of American Eagle specializing in intimates and sleepwear saw a 9 percent increase in sales in the last quarter.

Gdyby piwo miało wąsy, to by się badało...

Listopad to taki miesiąc, kiedy zapuszczanie wąsa jest bardzo w modzie, wówczas każdy wyhodowany wąs to symbol walki z rakiem prostaty. W tym roku Kompania Piwowarska dołącza do akcji Movember, czyli Wąsopad, i za pośrednictwem swoich marek wspiera akcję informacyjną na temat raka jąder oraz prostaty.