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Top Salesforce resources every Administrator should know about! (Continuously Updated)

Here's a list of top resources every Salesforce administrator should know about. It can contain blogs, communities, books, tools,... which provide expert tips and tricks that WILL make you an AWESOME SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR!

Are you a Salesforce administrator and you know any resources that should make it in the top 25? Contribute to the list, or vote existing resources higher to the top.


ButtonClick Admin - A Salesforce blog for those of us stuck between the uber coders & users who can't log in. is a site for Salesforce Admins that solve problems with ‘clicks and not code’. We live in a fast paced business environment where processes and systems need to be flexible. Here you will find solutions to solving problems and customizing Salesforce using declarative features to keep your business moving forward and your users engaged.

Many of the authors on this site don’t have a coding background but they don’t consider that to be an obstacle.Consider this your hub for information about upcoming Salesforce Events, as well as blog posts and podcasts to help you, the Salesforce Administrator, be an #AwesomeAdmin. workbook -

The quickest path to learning the Salesforce1 Platform. These tutorial workbooks will walk you through each step along the learning path towards proficiency with Each tutorial introduces a new concept and builds your understanding while you build useful applications. Start the journey with the Workbook, choose the path that’s right for you.

Bob Buzzard Blog

Bob Buzzard is also known as Keir Bowden and a Chief Technical Officer at BrightGen, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, in the United Kingdom. His blog contains loads of detailed Visualforce code samples and very usefull tips and tricks

Salesforce Success Community

Connect with customers, partners, product specialists and employees to learn, get answers to your questions and share new ideas.

Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook - Second Edition

Salesforce CRM: The Definitive Admin Handbook - Second Edition [Paul Goodey] on Salesforce CRM is a web-based Customer Relationship Management Service designed to transform your marketing and sales. This is a complete guide to implementing the service

Learn & test yourself on the Salesforce1 Platform with Trailhead

Get a guided path through a library of content that will introduce and test you on the Salesforce1 Platform, including Workflows, triggers, Apex code, Visualforce, Mobile and Reporting

The Salesforce limits cheatsheet

The Salesforce limits cheatsheet!

This cheatsheet contains the URL shortcuts for different objects in read mode, edit mode, listview mode etc...

Salesforce Formula Cheatsheet, Visualforce and Security Model cheatsheets

The following cheat sheets, covering Apex code, Visualforce, Chatter, the SOAP API, formulas and GitHub, are concise reference guides to each of these technologies - summarizing the most important aspects of each technology in a compact, searchable and printable form. The resources listed below provide access to the most recent version of the online cheat sheet, as well as to the most important reference material. Print the cheat sheets, or view them online.

Admin Hero

A site for Salesforce Administrators focused on equipping Admins to become workplace heroes through thought leadership and best practice sharing. Written by Brent Downey - a Salesforce MVP.

Salesforce Developers | API Documentation, Developer Forums & More

1 destination for learning to build mobile & enterprise applications in the cloud with the Salesforce1 Platform,, Heroku and ExactTarget Fuel

Salesforce Sales Cloud Overview Demo official YouTube channel. Salesforce news, how-to videos, training, keynotes, etc...

The Ultimate Salesforce Manual 'How to Be Successful with
Salesforce' over 4500 pages big encounting!

Best Practices for Salesforce Administrators

As your organization’s administrator, you play a critical role in making Salesforce CRM a success. You’ll work with
stakeholders to define requirements, customize the application to satisfy business goals and appeal to users, set up reporting
dashboards to keep managers happy, keep an eye on availability and performance, activate new features, answer user questions,
and much more.
The following best practices are based on what has learned from thousands of successful customers about how administrators
can contribute to an organization’s success.

Salesforce Essentials for Administrators

Discover the administration fundamentals and challenges of Salesforce CRM

This book is a comprehensive guide that explains user management, profile management, and the basic building blocks of an application. The book proceeds by explaining the troubleshooting skills needed for an administrator. The best practices and disciplines of data loading are discussed in detail. The book concludes with an overview of sales and service cloud features so that the reader is ready for the advanced configurations of this module. By the end of the book, you will be a competent administrator who can manage and maintain the Salesforce data of your organization successfully.

Beginner Tutorials

Anyone can learn how to write Apex no matter what their background is! Follow this guide in order and I guarantee you will become a better Salesforce Administrator or Salesforce developer. - Announcement! - Step-by-step guide to becoming a Salesforce developer this year!

A centric search engine. Directly searches the SFDC docs, message boards (answers and ideas), Blogs, Code, Apps, and Videos! Admins can and should use it daily!

Salesforce Stack Exchange

Q&A for Salesforce administrators, implementation experts, developers and anybody in-between

@salesforce/Community MVPs on Twitter

Connect with Salesforce MVP's on Twitter - and other fascinating people. Get in-the-moment updates on the things that interest you. And watch events unfold, in real time, from every angle. Follow them all because they all have lots of cool tips & tricks to share with you!

Salesforce Podcasts

One question that came up at a user group recently was how on earth do you keep up on the ever changing Salesforce. One way I do it is by listening to podcasts on Salesforce. There are now quite a few good ones out there. If anyone knows of anymore please let me know!