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Updated by Fusion 360 on Feb 05, 2019
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The Best New Features of the 2015 Ford F150

From Utah to New York, Americans are obsessed with pickups and no truck gets a heart racing with excitement quite like those produced by the Ford Motor Company. With decades of pickup production experience, it should come as no shock that the 2015 Ford F150 will be even more impressive than previous models.

Cargo Flexibility

The 2015 F150 has a cargo box provides truck users with heavily reinforced inner panels and plenty of mounting/tie-down points. The bed even offers up to 600 pounds of loading capacity at each mounting location site to ensure that ATVs, motorcycles or anything else stay safely in the truck as outdoor fun is earnestly pursued in the mountains of Utah or deserts or backwoods of Florida.

LED Lighting

LED headlight and taillights provide F150 owners with improved nighttime visibility and safety. Going beyond the call of duty, however, LED lighting is also available in the cargo bed, tailgate handle and exterior mirrors.

Remote Tailgate

Ford has placed a great deal of emphasis on the 2015 F150’s tailgate. Offered as an additional option for those interested, the groundbreaking truck’s tailgate comes with remote locking and unlocking for the body panel. Furthermore, the tailgate comes equipped with built-in dampening absorption so that the gate won’t abruptly crash down.

170-Degree Doors

For years, truck owners have been bothered by the limited opening space of their trucks’ rear cabin doors. With restricted door swing, difficulties arise when cargo and passengers attempt to enter. The new F150’s rear doors rotate 170 degrees, thus heightening the extended cab’s efficiency.

EcoBoost Engines

Upon commercial release, F150 customers will be able to enjoy a new 2.7 liter V6 with 325 horsepower and 375 pound-feet of torque. Whether working on a remote farm in the backcountry of Utah or moving a young family on the busy streets of Boston, the EcoBoost is the perfect piece of automotive ingenuity for the job.

Exterior Cameras

Though cameras are the norm in many newer vehicles, the full-size truck segment is still — in large part — feeling its way around the new technology. Well, that certainly is no longer the case for the 2015 F150, which now comes with birds-eye-view, 360-degree camera technology. Parking in tight spaces and guiding a truck onto a trailer hitch are no longer anything to fret over.

The cargo box of a truck has never been the most accessible part of a pickup. That’s changed, however, with the 2015 Ford F150. New retractable Box side steps and a redesigned tailgate step have made work loading, unloading and bed entry an enjoyable experience.

Aluminum Body

In a weakened economy, American truck manufacturers have felt the heat of having to produce a fuel-efficient product, without compromising power. The 2015 Ford F150’s new aluminum body is the key to such a dilemma. Having shed 700 pounds, more fuel energy is dedicated to max payload and towing capacity.




Lucas Miller is an automotive industry writer. Information provided by Henry Day Ford. Lucas writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find him on Google+.

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