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How Do I Expand My Fanbase With Download Cards

Losing fans to a rival singer? Ran out of ideas on how to promote your shows and events? Two words: download cards! They are these amazing and innovative cards, similar to business cards, which most artists have started using to promote their shows, sell their music and expand their current fanbase.


Recruiting in the 21st century - Download Cards

Another of many solutions digi cards download cards offer. Digi-cards download cards have thousands of applications, most of them marketing, advertising as well as multimedia distribution, how about recruiting.

Digi-cards Download Cards Gateway Welcome Video

Digi-cards download gateway default welcome video. Digi-cards Download Cards the worldwide leader producer of custom multimedia download cards. For more details on Digi-Cards or visit & call @ (305) 600-2028.

Money Making Opportunities For Recording Artists | Digi-Cards

Streaming music, third party online stores or digi-cards download cards. For the past decade the music industry has seen the biggest shift in the way business is conducted but no matter the changes the end result is always song or album sales.

Vital Digital Global Launches New Product Digi-Tags | Digi-Cards

New product to fill in budget and size niche. Vital Digital Global is always at the vanguard of technology and product development, like every other quarter the company is proud to present a new product and brand: Digi-tags.

Top Things You Can Do With Download Cards Digi Cards

Are you someone planning to promote you and your brand or concert in a unique way? Are you someone who fancy selling music on a creative format that is both rare and stylish? Download cards is your key to success in this case.

Digi-Cards Download Cards And Disc Jockeys (Dj) A Love Story

It is not a secret that Digi-cards download cards have saved the livelihood of many recording artists and musicians around the world by increasing their income and giving them control over their product and music, but what about the DJs?

Digi-Cards Continue To Save Millions For Corporations

Replacing Promotional Materials And Printing Generates Millions In Savings. When The Digi-Cards Download Cards Concept Started In 2004 As A “Digimusicard”, It Was Created, As Its Name Indicates, For The Music Business.