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Podcasting for Authors & Entrepreneurs

Enter the world of podcasting! Enjoy, as you expand your reach and develop relationships with your target audience, and those who serve them. Have a favorite podcast or podcast resource - feel free to list it below. Enjoy! ( LOOK JUST BELOW this post and click on "ADD TO LIST" to add your link here.)

Breaking Down Your Business - The most entertaining business podcast IN THE WORLD.

The most entertaining business podcast IN THE WORLD. Brad and Jill talk to REAL business owners and solve their REAL problems with sass and panache.

This Is Your Life Weekly Podcast

Michael Hyatt's This Is Your Life is a weekly podcast dedicated to intentional leadership.

Although,not solely a self publishing podcast but Michael has got lot of useful and insightful podcast episode that deals with many issues concerning self publishing.

For your personal development as an author,i recommend Michael's podcast.

Book Marketing Cafe - The place to come for book marketing tips, community, and conversation

The place to come for book marketing tips, community, and conversation

The Creative Penn Podcast

Anchored by the lovable Joanna Penn where she interviews self publishing experts to share their knowledge for authors to learn from them.

One of the best self publishing podcast around on the web - i presently download over 300 hours of useful information packed podcast since i started writing as an author.

I recommend Joanna's podcast to every author out there who are serious about their author career.

Grow Yourself To Grow Your Business by Liesel Teversham

podcast - Preview from Grow Yourself To Grow Your Business by Liesel Teversham on the iTunes Store.

Podcast Archives - The Audacity to Podcast

This website contains links and references to products and services that may include affiliates, sponsorships, or other business relationships in which The Audacity to Podcast and D.Joseph Design LLC may receive compensation from referrals or sales actions.

Podcast Answer Man Podcast

I (Cliff Ravenscraft) launched the Podcast Answer Man podcast back in December of 2006, one year after I started podcasting. I had been approached by several people, asking me to help them to launch a podcast. Technically, I was still podcasting as a hobby at that time and I had decided to start doing some paid consulting work on the side.

How A Strong Circle Of Influence Can Increase Your Results

by Kathleen Gage In the years I've been marketing and selling online, I've consistently watched people struggle in their attempts to get visibility for any number of digital products they hope to move.

Radio and Podcast Name Ideas & Suggestions : Podcast Episode #78

Podcast: Play in new window | Download There is no such thing as a podcast name or radio show name generator - pop your topic in - get a cool name out. That would be an absolute dream! In reality it requires thought, creativity and the knowledge of knowing where you're going.

See Audello, the new and most powerful podcasting and Audio Marketing software revealed for the first time.

Audello is a new total Audio Marketing and Podcasting platform.. Helping businesses reach a bigger audience, generate new fans, subscribers and increase revenue. See it in action in this video..

The Lede from Copyblogger

The Lede is a weekly, short-form broadcast hosted by Copyblogger Media's Director of Content Jerod Morris. Each week, Jerod is joined by a rotating lineup of Copyblogger staff and special guests to answer your questions about copywriting, content marketing, email marketing, conversion optimization, and much more.

Kevin Smith - "Podcasting Saved My Career" " Podcasting News

Mar 12th, 2012 | By James Lewin | Category: Audio Podcasting, Featured Story, Podcasting In a talk at South By Southwest, being held March 9-18 in Austin, Texas, filmmaker Kevin Smith ( Clerks) said that podcasting saved his career. "I had no idea, but that would become the fucking center of everything I'm doing now," said Smith.

Official Libsyn Blog

It doesn't seem like it can be done right? Sharing your podcast in 140 characters or less. There's just so much more to say. You are just SO much more than 140 characters. Humor me. This is an exercise. An exercise in getting clear. An exercise on learning how to easily promote yourself.

Learn How To Podcast

Learn How To Podcast 101 is a video tutorial with more than 120 minutes of instruction that will help you lay a solid foundation for setting up a podcast for future success.

Entrepreneur On Fire Business Podcasts - Daily podcast interviews with today's most successful Entrepreneurs

EntrepreneurOnFire is a top ranked business Podcast awarded "Best in iTunes 2013". 7-days a week, John Lee Dumas interviews the world's most inspiring and successful Entrepreneurs, sharing their journey. Past guests include Seth Godin, Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Guy Kawasaki, Barbara Corcoran, Pat Flynn and over 500 others!

Podcast Places - Everywhere you and your podcast should be

Get your podcast discovered more easily by submitting it to as many apps and directories as possible. Podcast Places tells you how and reveals each platform's features!

Art of Podcasting - Podcast Places

In this weekly show, Mark Cockrell of Element Opie Productions is joined by James Messer of to talk about the struggles and successes of their continuing journey to master the Art of Podcasting.

031 Lessons Learned in Podcasting, Advice for Podcast Newbies And 60+ Hardware and Software Podcasting Resources

She Podcasts > > > 031 Lessons Learned in Podcasting, Advice for Podcast Newbies And 60+ Hardware and Software Podcasting Resources

025 It's The One About Podfading Download MP3 The baby's here!!! Oh yes. The Podfading definition. We discuss Cliff Ravenscraft's post on how many newpodcasts had already podfaded. Elsie's dream: to interview podcasters that have podfaded. Pretty hardcore numbers on how many podcasters 'podfade,' provided by Elsie. Jessica breaks out iTunes again! Conclusion: podcasting is HARD.

023 Podcasting Best Practices Download MP3 Oranges and OJ - Jessica's downfall. Elsie's baked goods issue. Not rules - we are talking best practices for podcasting. Jessica's take on what you cannot ignore: Decent audio - there are tricks to this - like monitoring yourself and making adjustments. Learn to optimize the tools that you have.

019 Podcast Advertising, Trolls and Apps Download MP3 The Apple Event in September in how those millions of iPhones & iOS 8 will affect podcasting If you are using a Feedburner feed as your feed for iTunes, does your podcast work? Are there any errors? Shout out to @traceymarksmd who tweeted out some love via the Podcasts App.

013 Marketing Your Podcast Beyond New & Noteworthy and Outside of iTunes Download MP3 The New & Noteworthy discovery wasn't really the discovery we thought - clarifying for all those who wanna know! New & Noteworthy is like investing your money and obsessing over the lottery consistently.

007 The Low-Down On Podcast Interview Supah Skillz, Tactics and Workflow Download MP3 iOS 8 beta release and how that affects podcasting possibilities - it's the start of podcasting as a ubiquitous medium Start optimizing your descriptions in the Podcasts App yo! Super cool updates coming to the Mac via the latest upcoming OS release Yosemite. hint: you might not need Skype.

009 Interview Dilemmas: The Should You or Shouldn't You Download MP3 Do you wanna lollipop - how a Mama can actually podcast The story of the first time Jess met Elsie in real life Elsie's online habits The scoop on the She Podcasts t-shirts! NOTE: we now have a CafePress Store The story of the possible unqualified guest - when the guest is not compatible with your audience - what to do!