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How to Buy a Car

How to Buy a Car

Finding and buying a perfect car is not an easy task. There are many decisions to make and many options to weigh, not to mention many colors to choose from. The price, of course, has to be a deciding factor, as well as how often you drive...

How to Buy a Used Car

How to Buy a Used Car. Buying a used car is like walking through a mine field. There are so many things to look out for, it is hard to know where to begin being wary. Here are some things to look out for. === Buying a Used Car ===

How to Buy a Car Under a Business Name

How to Buy a Car Under a Business Name. In the world of business, people and companies are two separate entities that don't necessarily need to be connected. In the United States, it is possible to get a car loan under a business name...

How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit

How to Buy a Used Car With Bad Credit. If you need to purchase a used car but have bad credit, you will find that your options are limited when it comes to financing because most banks and traditional finance companies only lend to those...

How to Buy a New Car

How to Buy a New Car. Let's say you've decided to invest in the new car or truck. Sure, you can probably get a better deal with a used car, but you've probably decided that the risks of driving a second-hand car or even third-hand are not...

How to Buy a Car While in Bankruptcy

Edit Article One Methods: Financing a Car While in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy The number of bankruptcy filings has grown in recent years, due to the sour economy, high unemployment and rising credit costs.

How to Buy a Used Car from a Private Party

This is a summary of how to buy a used car from an individual or private seller (as opposed to a car dealer). Many of these hints are helpful with a dealer as well. Make sure you have a clear budget and set aside the necessary cash. Unlike...

How to Buy a New Car Online

Shopping for a car online may allow you to compare the details and the features for each car before you head to the dealership to finalize the purchase of the vehicle. Your research may help you find the average cost for the car that you...

How to Buy a Car Online

How to Buy a Car Online. Most people don't actually buy a car online, because the payment is made in person when you take possession. However, using the Internet allows you to shop for new or used cars in your area from the comfort of your...