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Rubber Stamps

Comprehensive list of the custom and stock rubber stamps that are available at Stamps R US

Printy Rubber Stamps

Trodat Printy Rubber stamps. Printy stamps can be customised online using the built in design template on our website. Text plates range in size starting at 12mm circular diameter, going up to 80-90mm rectangular impressions. Text can be added with a maximum of 18 lines of text, with picture and logos added alongside

rubber stamps

Professional Rubber Stamps

Professional self inking rubber stamps are incredibly robust custom rubber stamps from Trodat which are perfect for every day continuous office use. There are many different size variants available .starting at 40x23mm and going up to a maximum impression size of 85x55mm. All Professional stamps can be customised online adding any required text, images and logos.

rubber stamps

Trodat Impressor Pre-inked Stamps

Impressor pre-inked stamps give print-like impressions, making them ideal for signatures, logos, names and addresses. The ink is contained in the printing material of the stamp itself, so there is no need for a separate stamp pad. The Impressor range is available in black, blue, red, green and Violet . Two colour combinations are also possible.

Users can create a fully custom personalised Impressor Rubber Stamp using the online design platform.

Impressor Rubber Stamps

3 in 1 Teacher Stamp Stack Stamps

Teacher Educational Rubber Stamps. Motivational education marking rubber stamps can be used by both teachers and teaching assistants.

They are to be used on students completed work in school to indicate with motivating phrases that the pupil has completed their work to a high standard.

Teacher Stamps

Royal Mail PPI Rubber Stamps

1st and 2nd class Printed Postage Impression (PPI) Rubber Stamp, the rubber stamps that have been approved by the Royal Mail for sending

PPI Stamps

Trodat Eclipse Rubber Stamps

Trodat Eclipse Traditional Rubber Stamp manufactured with durable plastic for prolonged use. A separate stamp pad is required, one is included in your own choice of colour. It has a deeply moulded rubber die which gives sharp precise and endless impressions. Using the stamp designer on our website, customers can create their own custom rubber stamps online.

Traditional Rubber Stamps

Printy Date and Word Stamps

A selection of Dater Rubber Stamps with popular word and phrases impressions all ready etched upon the stamp, Date stamps include: “Faxed”, “Received” and “Paid”. Date stamps come with a band of date, month and 12 consecutive years.

date stamps

Trodat Word Stamps

Our most popular office word rubber stamps are stored in stock. The Printy office rubber stamps are self-inking, which means there is no need for a separate stamp pad. The stamp make prints an impression that has a blue symbol and red lettering. Impressions include: "Copy", "Paid", "Faxed", "File", "Confidential" and "1st Class".

rubber stamps

Professional Line Daters

Professional Line daters from Trodat are customisable stamps with an integrated date band. The date band includes date, month and 12 consecutive years, alongside your choice of text or images/logo.

date stamps

Printy line daters

Printy line dater from Trodat are conveniently sized dating stamps, which include a date band as well as added optional text or logo/image.

Printy date stamps

Printy Replacement Ink Pads

Trodat replacement ink cartridges, you can make sure that your stamp constantly delivers clean, uniform imprints. The ink cartridge's material and ink have been perfected during years of research, meaning that regardless of the conditions, you are guaranteed a perfect impression every time with a Trodat stamp. There are replacement ink cartridges available for all Professional, Printy and Mobile Printy models. All Trodat standard stamp inks guarantee imprints which will last for decades. Available in black, blue, green, red and violet

replacement ink pads

professional stamp replacement pads

New replacement ink pads, for all self inking: Trodat Professional Rubber Stamps and Dormy Impact rubber stamp. Stamp are available in five various colours: black, blue, red, green, and violet. Professional Pads can also be bought in dual two colour ink pads of red and blue designed specifically for dater stamps. Packs come as multipacks of two.

replacement ink pads

Dormy Micro gel pads

This Dormy Microporous Stamp Pad with gel ink is a stamp pad for use with rubber stamps. This Dormy Stamp Pad has high quality gel ink and a unique microporous material pad to ensure a professional impression.

It will last for thousands of impressions as long as you close the lid after use and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and heat, this will prolong the life of the ink and pad. This Dormy Stamp Pad with gel ink is ideal for everyday home and office use.

Stamp pad ink, which are suitable for all brands of re-inkable stamp pads. Available in Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet. As well as bottled ink for pre inked stamps.

replacement gel pads

Trodat Personalised Work Badges

Our badges can be created using company logos, business details or custom artwork. There is a wide range of choice, including engraved or printed badges, with or without a domed plastic finish. The standard badge specification provides all sizes up

to 75mmx40mm with straight edges and rounded corners. Other shapes available include oval, half oval, circle and half circle. Pricing is dependent upon badge style, fastener type and quantity ordered. Badges are supplied with a pin fastener as standard but can alternatively be supplied with magnetic or combi clip

personalised badges

rubber stamps

Trodat Wall Plaques

Our wall plaques are as versatile as we are. Background finishes available include brass, stainless steel, brushed aluminium, gold or silver laminate. Brass or stainless steel wall plaques will be etched, whereas laminate is a low cost alternative and will be engraved through the top layer to reveal a contrasting colour.

Wall plaques can also be supplied with a wooden mount, available to fit the standard size wall plaque in a choice of walnut, cherry or wood-effect finished

wall plaques

rubber stamps

Desk and door name plates

Nameplates and nameplate holders are manufactured from metal or plastic and are available in various styles. They are supplied as one complete unit with metal holder and matching sliding plate. Nameplates are also available with no holder, allowing you to fix the plate directly to the foot or be used as a replacement for an existing holder. The most popular colour combinations are shown below, however if you should require other colour combinations or materials, please get in touch for availability and a quote

desk and door name plates