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5 simple tips to be an awesome copy editor

Having a keen eye to produce incredibly concise copies can make you an asset for any organization even if you do not work for any professional companies offering copyediting services. Since copyediting is extensively used chiefly in the advertisement industry, you can help your company better plan in hiring a copyediting services provider for your own marketing efforts, if you are an excellent editor. Here are few tips, which help you to become an expert in the field.

Find your way towards being the best eBook publisher based on these factors and tips

People have started depending on electronic devices to carry out many of their daily activities and it has become a part of their life. As a result the number of people opting to read books on electronic devices has immensely increased. This staggering growth has opened greater possibilities making eBook conversion an extremely lucrative business. Here are certain aspects that a novice ebook conversion services provider must take care of.


Professional tips to become an expert in typesetting services

Even when a book has really entertaining and excellent stuff to offer, presentation of the book is very critical for the reading-experience. Following are some of the proven techniques and ideas used by some of the best typesetting companies.

Tips to effectively use CircularFLO with Adobe InDesign to enhance the quality of your ePubs

Since there is an overwhelming demand for fixed layout ePub conversion services, quality and perfection can make a professional company offering this service to grow exponentially. Unfortunately most companies only use Adobe InDesign for the process but there are so many advantages of combining the power of Adobe InDesign with CircularFLO. Here are few tips to effectively use CircularFLO with Adobe InDesign to enhance the quality of your ePubs.

For any writer, publishing his book is a dream come true. With readers preferring ePubs over printed versions, self-publishing has become easier. The availability of certain open source tools help you to do the job swiftly and with ease without having to rely on any professional service provider. Let’s discuss the two popular and most effective tools here .

Open-source software in shortest of words avail free distribution and complete accessibility to source code. Also it offers free license distribution and derived works. There is no preference to any person or group and above all it does not impose any restrictions on the existing software.Here are some of the most popular OSS for digital archiving which a majority of service providers prefer for data and document archiving.

With the arrival of digital versions for printed books, the reading experience of people improved significantly.Indian companies offering ePub conversion services seek all possible means to assure best reading experience for their customers on all platforms possible.

With the rapid advancement of technology the field of eBooks too has seen a sea of change in terms of readers perception as well as expectations. Hence it is absolutely important for publishers as well as digitization service providers to embrace latest technologies and ensure high quality eBook production.

EBook conversions: Important tips to adhere to for a stunning copy

EBooks are nowadays a craze with readers. The profusion of smart-devices and their consequent penetration among readers have made electronic versions progressively supersede hardcover books. Here are few important tips to adhere to for a stunning copy.

Fixed layout ePub conversion has numerous upsides but it is vital to comprehend whether embracing it can do the intended favors as far as your specific scenario is concerned. Otherwise it can ruin its very purpose that you should never let happen.Being one of the best companies in India offering related services, we through this blog post bring to our readers some insights regarding when to go on with these conversions.

E-book Reader- Read this before you grab one

As you know e-readers are used for reading electronic files stored as books. There are a lot of devices that you can choose including Amazon Kindle, Sony eReader, Barnes & Noble Nook and Kobo eReader. So, it is quite reasonable to encounter dilemmas when it comes to selecting an e-reader. Here are some factors to be considered before finalizing the eBook reader.

PubMed is free resource and is maintained by NCBI. It in fact consists of nearly 24 million citations in lieu of literature from different related scenarios including MEDLINE, online books and life science journals. Citations may normally include links towards the full-text material from publisher websites and obviously PubMed Central.

How HTML5 supersedes Flash when it comes to E-learning Course?

Technological advancements have always paved way for change in trends. The same has been reflected in e-learning industry. Changes keep on happening and as of now HTML5 is highly preferred for developing e-learning courses. Let us see why it is soon replacing flash.

3 Most popular eBook formats and how they differ from each other

Along with the increase in readership for digital versions, newer types of eBook formats started reaching the market place. Before outsourcing your requirements to an eBook conversion company, understand the difference between the EPUB, MOBI and AZW formats to select adequate format which make your ebook more productive.

3 important resources for fixed layout eBook formats

The fixed layout digital formats are continuously changing and hence it is a confusing area. Therefore being updated about the same is important. Here are numerous resources on which you can rely on for the same.

Fixed layout conversion-Some guidelines, facts, issues and solutions

Fixed layout conversion has great benefits. The process demands you to be aware of certain facets about which this blog post deals.

Digital archiving scanning standards

This blog post reveals some of the digital archiving scanning standards as well as tips. Read to find out more.

You have put months of effort to complete every intricate stage of publishing an eBook. Companies offering eBook formatting services can help you to an extent but boosting your online sales and staying atop in the bestseller list is something that you require.

EBook conversion limitations and tips to overcome them

While pdf format is widely regarded as a defacto standard in the ebook segment, readers doesn't always get that impression while using them. Converting a pdf to ePub has its own merits and demerits. We will discuss few issues that occur during the conversion process even for professional companies offering ePub conversion services.

Design your eBook from scratch

This blog will take you through some basic facts and tips for creating eBook. It can be immensely useful for amateurs.

Putting together your publication requires some amount of planning and construction. This article discusses some slick tricks about about designing ebook templates and how to productively use them.

Ever since the concept of eLearning was initiated, trends kept on changing. The niche has always been dynamic.Find here some eLearning trends that mandates you to plan wisely and take shrewd steps to assure that you sustain and excel in the market.

PubMed search tips that you should be aware of

Read and make yourself informed about search strategies in PubMed for getting results faster and easier while searching.

How to create a fixed layout ePub in InDesign?

This blog explains fixed layout ePub creation using InDesign. Read more and explore further details.

Best eBook format for Kindle- A critical analysis

This blog discusses the upsides and pitfalls of numerous eBook formats for Kindle. If you are in any way associated with Kindle Conversion Services, explore more.