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Tech Resources for Artists

Here are some resources for artists!

Comparison of free web hosting services

This is a comparison of free web hosting services.

Intro to Webmaster Academy - Webmaster Tools Help

Thinking about creating a website? Great! Webmaster Academy has the information and tools to teach you how to create a site and have it found in Google Search. Who should take Webmaster Academy? An

Link Popularity

More Tools, powerful features, less limitations Sign up for a premium plan to access all the features of our toolbox! FREE TRIAL Use the Link Popularity Tool to find the backlinks of your page.

Meta Tag Analyzer

Online Meta Tag analysis tool to help webmasters analyze their web pages.

How to write META tags

Many people think meta tags are the magic solution to ranking well. Create the perfect combination with the perfect keyword density and presto! Well, that is far from being true - there is more to SEO than good meta tags and there are also many off-page factors.

Email Mailmerge using Excel and Word

This video shows you how to do email mailmerge using Excel, Word and Outlook 2007.

Managed WordPress Hosting - When Do You Really Need It?

Let's face it: running a WordPress blog or site is no easy game. You have to take care of all the content, marketing, site design, social media, and so forth. But before you do that, you have to make sure your WordPress site is running smoothly and your current hosting provider isn't giving you any headaches or issues.

How To Create A Strong Password & Keep Your Social Media Accounts Safe

With the recent attacks on Twitter late last week, the issue of protection and privacy has risen to the forefront. While only 250,000 users were affected by the recent security attacks - a drop in the ocean since the site has roughly 200 million active users - protecting your social media accounts is vital if you don't want them falling into the wrong hands.

Top 10 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools - Brandwatch

The key to making the most of social media is listening to what your audience has to say about you, analysing the data and, finally, reaching social media business intelligence; using all these insights to know your customers better and improve your marketing strategy.

Title Tags & SEO: 3 Golden Rules

It used to be conventional wisdom that title tags should be between 65 and 70 characters in length. Early this year Google began experimenting with a new search layout design that reduces the number of characters shown to lengths between 48 and 62 characters.

The 32 best photo apps

Here is the definitive guide to the best photo apps around, covering iOS (that's iPhone and iPad) and Android apps. Some you won't have heard of, others you'll be more familiar with. None are going to replace a DSLR and a couple of hours with a photo editor like Photoshop CC, but they're all great at what they do...

Alternative Text

Adding alternative text for images is the first principle of web accessibility. It is also one of the most difficult to properly implement. The web is replete with images that have missing, incorrect, or poor alternative text. Like many things in web accessibility, determining appropriate, equivalent, alternative text is often a matter of personal interpretation. Through the use of examples, this article will present our experienced interpretation of appropriate use of alternative text.

Comparison of Crowdfunding Websites

A successful crowdsourcing campaign can generate buzz, provide proof of concept, and, oh yeah, raise a bunch of start-up cash. Here's how you can make crowdsourcing work for you.