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Most memorable moments from Parks and Recreation

Every episode of Parks and Recreation is filled with wit and hilarity, but here are some moments that we won't forget for a long, long time. Enjoy!

When Leslie Meets Joe Biden

Ben pulls a few strings to get Leslie a meeting with her personal hero, Vice President Joe Biden.

Ben's Proposal

Ben proposed and Leslie wants to make sure she remembers everything about this perfect moment! :')

The Wrong Way to Consume Alcohol

Ron is beyond horrified when the guys pay a visit to Eagleton's hot new bar, Essence, which specializes in "molecular mixology."

Treat yo self!

Clothes. Treat yo self!
Fragrances. Treat yo self!
Massages. Treat yo self!
Mimosas. Treat yo self!
Fine leather goods. Treat yo self!
It's the best day of the year!

When Ron says he doesn't need the dentist, and means it.

Who needs a dentist when you have a handy multi-tool?

The tribute to Li'l Sebastian

The Unity Concert would naturally be incomplete, with a song for Li'l Sebastian! Or so thinks everybody, except Ben.
Ps - there's also a little surprise in the form of a certain Jazz musician.

"Get on your feet!"

The words "Get on your feet" got a whole new meaning, when Ann schedules Leslie's speech in an ice skating rink.

Meeting Jean-Ralphio's Sister

Tom's in for more than he bargained for when he hires Jean-Ralphio's twin sister, Mona Lisa. So much more than he BARGAINED FOOOOOOOOR.

Rent A Swag

Jean-Ralphio and Tom Haverford rehearse a presentation for Rent A Swag, before April and Andy. Hilarious!

When Tatiana Maslany was on the show!

Because who doesn't love Tatiana right?
And Tom Haverford pulls on a totally convincing British accent to impress her.

"He's The Dj, I'm The Rapper"

When Leslie Knope raps, she means business.

Leslie Knope's blind date (ps - it's Will Arnett!)

Deleted scene from Parks and Rec : when Ann sets Leslie on a blind date with Chris (who is played by WILL ARNETT!)

April and Andy's Wedding

When April and Andy's party turns out to be their wedding, it's one of the sweetest moments in the show!

When Leslie met Michelle Obama

I bet this was an awesome moment for all of us, but naturally most of all Leslie!

Johnny Karate Says Goodbye

With the help of his friends, fans and April, Johnny signs off for the last time.