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Grab information about everything you would like to know about computer security,safe browsing, malwares and viruses, wardwiz system essentials, technology related updates, and much more.

The Horse's Trap!!

They are gorgeous creatures! You want to ride on them whenever you see them around. But falling off from a horse's back is really painful! They may seem to be the most attractive living things in the world! Pause!! There are things that you should know about them!!

Cyber Super Weapon - "Stuxnet"

Among various other facts related to the computer virus world, a few deserve special mention because of the sheer damage that took place or which could have occurred in all possibilities, due to those wicked inventions. And when the damage goes international, the virus becomes a celebrity.

Essential is Prudential!!

WardWiz Essential Package comes with a vital feature of 'Heuristic Scan' ability, literally standing for the ability to discover. This, in layman's language means piece-by-piece examination of an indiscernible virus. This method of scanning is highly effective; it reaches previously unknown computer viruses and also the apparent threats.

All Convenient But Not All Safe!

The world thrives on the internet today, which in a nutshell means that internet is no more a medium of just exchanging important information but a more evolved and enormous canvas that virtually webs the life of innumerable people from around the globe. All for convenience.

Yes!!!They do break the WALL!!

Building castles on seashores and beaches is what many of us love to do. We also make sure that we have built sturdy walls all around our fort.

Caught in Phishing Hook?

Everyone likes surprises. Small or big. Surprises are always fun. Moreover, if surprises come with tons of money, we would all like to snatch the opportunity at the first instance. And this is what they also know. The phishers. These talented individuals are great at bluffing. They know the art of luring our minds.

The Fastest Spreading Computer Worm Ever

On 26th January 2004, the cause of a famous deceleration was discovered. US was the main victim of this slowdown, courtesy, "My Doom", one of the fastest spreading computer worm ever created. A home-maid recipe of Russia, this virus spread in the form of spam emails.


WardWiz is a comprehensive and uncomplicated tool which strengthens software operation. With WardWiz, surfing internet or sharing files over systems becomes a threat-free process saving both time and money.