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Protecting Your Network from Hackers

Here's a list of articles helping you understand penetration testing and how it can help you protect your system.

Penetration Testing Services, Network Security, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia - AwareIT

Penetration Testing Australia AwareIT is a leading professional security consultancy and are experts in penetration testing. If you're looking to secure your IT Infrastructure, Web Applications or to simply test your IT Security why not give us a call. . Considered one of the most credible and thorough security consultancy's.

Penetration test

A penetration test, or the short form pentest, is an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding security weaknesses, potentially gaining access to it, its functionality and data. The process involves identifying the target systems and the goal, then reviewing the information available and undertaking available means to attain the goal.

What is pen test (penetration testing)? - Definition from

Penetration testing (also known as intrusion detection and red teaming) is security-oriented probing of a computer system or network to seek out vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.

How to Make a Wordlist for BackTrack | eHow

BackTrack is a Linux-based distribution of computer security testing tools. You can perform penetration testing of computers and networks to identify areas of weak security. Your selection of passwords may be one of those weak links. Applications such as John the Ripper, Ophcrack and Vncrack use a wordlist to "brute force" weak passwords.

How to Stop Hackers from Invading Your Network

Edit Article Unethical hackers (in bad sense of this word) are always looking for weaker points in a network system to hack the security system of your company and get a hold of confidential and new information. Some "black-hat hackers" derive a vicarious pleasure from wreaking havoc on security systems and some hackers do it for money.

What Are the Different Types of Penetration Test Software?

There are many different types of penetration test software, and penetration testers often make use of both specialized applications and programs that are widely available to the general public. Since there are a number of steps typically associated with penetration testing, each phase requires different types of software.

Penetration Testing: What Is It? Do I Need It?

Rob Phelps of Security Audit Systems recently took time to share his insights into penetration testing. Security Audit Systems is based in the UK and secures businesses with an online presence. In so doing, their goal is to make the internet a more secure platform for all of us.

Job Description of a Security Consultant

A security consultant may refer to a consultant in any number of security specialties, though it most likely refers to a security consultant specializing in information technology (IT) The security consultant who specializes in IT is able to design and implement a security system that best serves the needs of a client firm.