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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 11, 2014
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8 Rules of Safe Gun Handling

In today’s society guns are a controversial topic. Being afraid of them will only add to the problem. The best way to handle a gun is to know about them. Whether a person uses a gun or not these tips are a must read.

Take a class

Gun safety is a serious topic in America. The best way to assure proper use of a gun is to take a class. Classes are offered locally and teach the students how and when to use a gun. They teach proper gun safe storage and what to do in situations.

Never point it at something

This is an ideal that is engrained into people from an early age. Guns cannot be pointed at the target until it time to shoot it, and they should never be pointed at another person. Be careful to point the gun at the floor until it is time to be used.

Acknowledge it as always loaded

One of the biggest keys in gun safety is to remember that it is always loaded. Never treat a gun as empty. The best way to assure safety is to assume it is loaded at all points, whether it is stored in a gun safe or not.

Learn how to clean it

A gun that is not properly cleaned can be dangerous. Even keeping it in a gun safe will not keep it clean forever. Knowing how to clean the gun in a safe way will help keep the firearm working properly and eliminate it from being a hazard with dirt built up.

Load it safely

Loading the gun safely is a very important thing to know. Putting the bullets in the correct way and into the correct spot in the gun will allow the gun to function and keep the user safe.

Keep finger off trigger

Keep the trigger finger off the trigger until the gun is ready for shooting. Keeping the finger away from trigger will help control the shot.

Store it safely

Store the gun in a gun safe when it is not being used. Keep it out of reach of children and guests. Lock the gun safe to prevent anyone without gun safety knowledge from handling it.

It is not a toy

The most important thing to remember is that a gun is not a toy. Do not play with it. Treat it like the weapon that it is. Learn the safety and be respectful of it.




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