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BlueBird Blog Audio Posts

A collection of my blog posts converted to audio using SoundGecko


The Constant Contact Autoresponder

Audio track of my blog post "Using the Constant Contact Autoresponder" Autoresponders are used to send a series of messages to subscribers on a pre-set schedule. How often do we feel overwhelmed by the information we receive after joining a program or purchasing a software.

How To Get Started With Blogging - Find Your Blog Topic

This is the audio version of my blog post that you can find here: In my post "Blogging for Business - Blogs are like Puppies" I introduced you to some of the main benefits of blogging.

How To Get Started With Blogging – Find Your Blogging Voice

This is the audio version of my post

How to Find Your Voice

The voices of Luciano Pavarotti, Elvis Presley and Whitney Houston are very distinctive. When you hear them sing, you instantly know it’s them. In writing, your writing voice needs to be distinct as well. It should reflect who you are and how you normally talk.

You may be worried that you don’t have a distinct voice or you don’t know how to find it. However, the good news is everyone has a unique voice and finding it isn’t hard.

Blogging is a very verbal-friendly writing genre since you are encouraged to write the way you would normally speak. You can swear (if that’s how you always talk); the grammar police are more lenient and slang is accepted. Your speaking voice is almost mandatory in the blogging world if you are going to build a relationship with your readers.

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How To Create a Strategic Blogging Plan

This is the audio version of my latest blog post at

A blog’s success is not an accident. Like any business, the best blogs begin with a plan. Successful bloggers don’t just jump in randomly writing topics as the thoughts occur. Success is achieved from having and following a strategic blogging plan, which guides them toward their goals.

Even if you are blogging for pleasure, a strategic blogging plan is needed to build an audience and grow your blog. It’s estimated there are over 152 million blogs on the internet right now and a new blog is created every half-second. With odds like that, you need to have a plan to stand out among the crowd and grow your readership.

A good blogging strategy includes researching and planning your content, monetization, and understanding your audience.

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This is the audio version of my blog post

Fake Facebook likes are damaging your brand by costing you the trust of potential customers that are more and more skilled in detecting fraud. They decrease the reach of your content and they cost you hard cash. Don’t take shortcuts! Earn your community by creating and sharing content that is valuable to them. Do not listen to misguided Social Media experts that want to tell you that nobody will notice. When your reputation is on the line a high quality following is much more valuable than a large number.

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The 12 Days of Opportunity to Reach Out

Ah the holidays - are you counting down the days? Soon the frantic preparation for the holidays will be over. Time to relax, enjoy family and eat too much.... A lot of small business owners are also looking forward to a well deserved break from a stressful year.strong text

WordPress pluginsThe BlueBird WordPress Plugins. I show you mine...

BlueBird websites are 100% WordPress! This is important because we want to give our clients the power to easily change anything on their website without having to hire a web designer to do it. Considering the changes in SEO and the ever evolving technological advances this feature is essential.

Keeping Up a Website is Much Like Keeping Up a Car
Audio version of my Blog post: When I talked to my friend Mel the other day I realize that having a website is a lot like having a car. In order to run safely and efficiently it needs to be maintained and repaired.