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Updated by Kendra Brea Cooper on Nov 10, 2014
Headline for Fan Made Holiday: 10 DIY Stocking Stuffers Inspired by Fandoms.
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Fan Made Holiday: 10 DIY Stocking Stuffers Inspired by Fandoms.

Give that pop culture obsessed friend a way to show off their allegiance to a fandom, and make them one of these sweet little gifts. Bring your friends over to share skills and materials, because crafting together is always better.

Harry Potter Ring-Cut out and Keep

I choose many of my craft options from because I enjoy tutorials made by my peers. Crafting is personal and must fit into my life, so I don't want to take instructions from a "crafter" who has a million hours and a million dollars. I'd rather take instructions from someone with a schedule and budget like my own. For these Harry Potter Rings, you can probably scavenge some wire from old jewelry, a recycling bin, or jewelry at a thrift store. Don't be afraid to think outside the (big) box (stores).

The Fault in Our Stars Necklace-Cut out and Keep

The Fault in Our Stars was one of the biggest hits of the summer. The bits and pieces of this love story, like the lover's banter, have been close to the hearts of the fans who love it. An expression as simple as "okay? okay" can fit into the story of anyone's life, and that's why it's so perfect.

One Direction DIY Journal-Cut out and Keep

What's more perfect for a 1D fan than a journal to write all those vivid fanfic drafts in? Journal bases come cheap at the dollar store, and you can use an old teen magazine for the cut outs.

My Little Knitted Pony

If you have some knitting skills, a My Little Pony stuffy is the way to use them. Maybe you can recycle some wool from an old sweater.

Super Mario Bob Omb Key Chain-Cut out and Keep

Take the keychain part off an old one in your junk drawer and make something new. A little bit of polymer clay and go along way. Think of all the characters you can have watching over your keys!

Dr. Who Journal Cover

Make this journal for those who want to record all the adventures time will offer. Any Dr. Who fan will love it. Use some scrap fabric and a lil' fabric paint over a cheap journal.

Zelda Earrings-Cut Out and Keep

Earrings are simple and make great little gifts. These Zelda earrings are perfect for the hardcore gamer in your life.

Hunger Games T-Shirt-Cut out and Keep

Books and T-shirts go hand in hand, because they provide a blank canvas for your favourite quotes. Find a t-shirt from a second hand store, clothing swap, or your own closet, and stencil on some well-known words from famous books.

Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs Necklace

The Game of Thrones provides all sorts of little symbols that can be re-created on jewelry and accessories. The dragon egg necklace is a good symbol to start with.

Jane Austen Jewelry-Cut out and Keep

The Jane Austen fandom is devoted and wrapped in romantic fantasy. With this necklace, your Jane fan can keep this written world close to their heart.