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Content Creation (for training)

How can we use different media to extend learning beyond the classroom and eLearning module? How can we use the content we create for learning to demonstrate our expertise and build our brand and business?

#learnov8 level6 on Vimeo

This is an introduction to level 6 of the MOOC Innovation in Training

Donald Clark Plan B: 10 counter-intuitive, researched tips on use of video in learning

What's your experience of using video to support learning? What has worked for you and what hasn't?

Working With The Five Moments Of Need

How have you designed content to support the third, fourth and fifth "moments of learning need"? (Apply, solve, change)

Donald Clark Plan B: Spaced practice – 8 practical ways to make it happen

How would you use technology to produce a spaced learning experience?

Action mapping: A visual approach to training design

Action mapping is a streamlined process used to design training. It was developed by Cathy Moore. Here's a short history and overview of the model.
Action mapping can be a useful way to help conservative clients take new approaches to content. It's been around a while, but it's still being "introduced" at conferences. Have you tried or adapted it, what happened?

Why should I give my knowledge away for free? | Valuable Content Marketing

Today's marketing means giving away some of your hard earned knowledge for free. This simple principle throws up a lot of questions. This post may be aimed at businesses, but you can take the same approach to building your personal online credibility. You are what you share! How do you make time to grow your reputation? (There's a wealth of great content on the rest of this site, around content strategy, designing for content and more, so explore further if you're interested)

When to Build a Job Aid | Dave's Whiteboard

Job aids are often overlooked in favour of snazzy elearning or workshops, but sometimes they're all you need.
Have you got any good examples of job aids you've created? What has worked for you? 

The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, and Maybe Infuriate, You - The New Yorker

Ethics, emotion, logic—it’s credible and worthy, it appeals to me, it makes sense. If you look at the last few links you shared on your Facebook page or Twitter stream, or the last article you e-mailed or recommended to a friend, chances are good that they’ll fit into those categories.

How to make a successful podcast

Learn how to make a podcast at home, from pick out the right mics and other equipment to distributing your RSS feed and gaining an audience.

5 Reasons Blogging is Good for the Marketing Soul

Blogging offers marketers multiple business benefits, not the least of which are SEO benefits and the ability to attract media attention. See how blogging is good for the marketing soul in this column from Paul Chaney.

16 Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter Vine |

Twitter Vine: here are some creative ways businesses are using these short, six-second videos to engage with Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

The Ones That Got Away - video stories

I'm writing a series of posts that lift the lid on some of plans and ideas that either never saw the light of day or never fully developed.

One of my plans in my previous organisations was to use our internal collaborative platform to share a number of video stories.




makes video software to get your message across. Make your own whiteboard video animations with VideoScribe. Free trial available.

Adobe Voice

An example we created on Adobe Voice

5 Moments of Learning Need

Follow Tom as he learns to cook in this eggxcellent video which demonstrates Gottfredson and Mosher's model. Source: Innovative Performance Support by Conrad...