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Best Toys for Boys Age 4 - 2016-2017 "Hot List"

Which toys for 4 year old boys are making bit hits for the Christmas holidays of 2016 and into 2017? Here are the top sellers, that are also highly rated this year. (Plus some handy-dandy additional lists, reviews and more tips and info.) =)


LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

Little diggers will love operating these easy-to-build construction machines. Move the Tracked Excavator over uneven land and dig with its big shovel. Take its working, flexible arm apart to make it shorter and then load up the Truck with its tipping function to drive the rubble away! LEGO DUPLO bricks are specially designed to be safe for little hands... -- Get price and more info...

Fisher-Price Imaginext Shark Bite Pirate Ship

Yo, ho, ho! Be this a pirate ship or a giant shark? Actually it’s both! Those crafty pirate scallywags have disguised their ship to look just like a shark. To protect your treasure from Blackbeard and his raiders, push on a Power Pad to capture attackers in one BIG shark bite! Still more coming? Turn another Power Pad to aim the cannon and fire... -- Get price and more info...

Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Super Hero Flight City

Take flight with all of the DC Super friends in the new Super Flight City. This awesome playset is two worlds in one. One side is Gotham city and the other is metropolis. The playset comes with 4 power pads. Turn the very top left power pad to have your favorite superhero take flight... -- Get price and more info...

Paw Patrol - Zoomer Marshall

Bring home your very own Paw Patrol pup with Zoomer Marshall! This interactive pup really talks, moves on his own, and responds to touch and movement. Marshall is ready for a ruff-ruff rescue and comes complete with a transforming Pup Pack and spring-loaded water cannon launchers... -- Get price and more info...

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train MINIS Motorized Raceway

Thomas & Friends MINIS introduces motorized play for even more fun and excitement! It all starts when you send the included Thomas and James MINIS up the steep vertical lift. The MINIS climb up automatically as the motorized playset lifts them up for an action-packed, multi-track adventure... -- Get price and more info...

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These activities may be suitable for other ages. As well as not suitable for your child that is of this age. Please take into consideration the level of development that your child is at.

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