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Non Slip Floor Treatment Options and Tips

Non slip flooring is an easy fix to help prevent work related accidents due to flooring not being up to par

Floors can be slippery, especially when wet or even slightly damp. Floor polish, wax, snow or even light rain can change the surface texture and create a dangerous surface for walking on. In many areas, health and safety laws now require that floors in workplaces and public spaces not present a slip hazard.

Coatings to Make Floor Tiles Less Slippery | eHow

According to Phil Hughes and Ed Ferrett, authors of "Introduction to Health and Safety at Work," accidents that are a result of slippery flooring account for "30 percent of all major accidents all year." Many of these accidents can be avoided by applying a non-slip coating to floor tiles that increases the grip your feet have on...

How Do I Prevent Slip and Fall Injuries?

When I worked at a buffet restaurant, I was shocked to see how many customers claimed "slip and fall" injuries every year. Sometimes they really did slip on food that fell on the floor, but other times it was hard to tell what actually happened.

Slips, Trips, Falls | Workplace Risk Assessment & Policy | Healthy Working Lives

This page gives information on how to assess the risks of slips, trips and falls in the workplace and how they can be avoided.

Smart Tips for Choosing Bathroom Flooring

Bathroom flooring serves many masters. It should be moisture-proof, stain-resistant, have a non-skid surface that's safe even when wet, and be durable enough to stand up to constant foot traffic. In addition, your bathroom floor should be good-looking and fit within your budget. That's a lot to ask from flooring.

It’s probably happened to most of us. That momentary lapse of inattention thinking about a personal problem or distracted by an activity that ends in a slip, trip or fall. A stumble down a stairway. A trip over an uneven surface. Slipping on the ice. It can lead to a variety of regrettable events ranging from a simple bruised shin to an extremely serious injury. It’s just one of a variety of conditions and situations that set the stage for slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

How to Prevent Slippery Floors in a Kitchen

Water, grease, cleaning residue and low-friction tiles can all cause floors to be slippery, and you're likely to find any or all of them in your kitchen. Whether you're running a commercial kitchen and trying to keep your workers safe or you're just trying to protect your family and yourself at home, take steps right away to prevent slippery floors. Some solutions are permanent, and others are temporary; some are more aesthetically pleasing than others. Select the solution that best suits your situation.

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls Accident

Slip trips and fall accidents can have a devastating impact on you, your family, friends, community and the workplace. So choose an anti slip system that has all the protection you need.