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Games To Help Master 1st Grade Math!

Here is a list of highly engaging games that aids 1st grade students in mastering Common Core Math!

ABCya! | Base Ten Fun - Learning Place Value

Base Ten Fun is an educational activity for kids learning place value, addition and subtraction. These activities are a part of the 1st grade common core standards. With enough practice, your students are sure to master this standard!


This game just gives your students more practice with mastering place value. This game can be used at the technology station to reinforce the ones and tens place value.

Counting to 100

ToonUniversity has free online educational games for kids in elementary school. (math, grammar, science, spell, history). This game assists with the standard that requires students to count and represent numbers up to 120.

eGames - RoboPacker (Grade 2)

This is an amazing games that allows students to practice making and manipulating shapes. Students have to be aware of shapes and their positions, which is a part of Common Core Math.

BBC Education - Dynamo - Clockwise

As a part of 1st grade Common Core Math, the game allows students to manipulate clocks and begin to learn how to tell time. Students can use this as practice to learn the dynamics of a clock.

BBC - The Little Animals Activity Centre - Count Hoot's addition game

This is just a very interactive and engaging game of addition and subtraction. Students will have a blast but also learn one digit addition and subtraction.

BBC - KS1 Bitesize Maths - Number Pyramid

A fun activity to help 1st graders learn about addition and subtraction. Common Core Math requires 1st graders to know one digit addition facts, and this is the perfect game to help mater!


Ten more and ten less is a 1st grade Common Core skill that is difficult for some students. This game allows practice with this very important skill.


This is another game to practice ten more and ten less. Because this skill is difficult to master for most students, this game provides a fun and interactive alternative.

Downloading Asset...

This allows students to put numbers in correct order. This gives students practice with number lines, addition, and one more and one less.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics Grade 1

Games and activities aligned to the common core state standards for mathematics. First grade students will have a blast while learning the ever so important skills necessary to master first grade math!

First Grade Online Math Games | Thurmont Primary School

This is an awesome website that has the first grade math standards listed. With each standard, there are several games that will assist in mastering that standard.