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Updated by Amit Verma on Nov 07, 2014
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10 Hot Post From @ModernLifeTimes

ModernLifeTimes, its a evolving space where Social Media, Technology, Health and inspiration co-exist under one roof so that, in only one click, you find the newest info about Social Networking, the latest products in Technology, the most innovative topics about Life!

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band in India for Rs. 9,990 | ModernLifeTimes

Maintaining our body fit is one of the difficult task to do in today's hectic life, but if we get simpler solution which can keep track of our all activities and give suggestion according to it, then health management is more easy for us.

Simple Changes Makes Your Life Better | ModernLifeTimes

Life is full of opportunities and to make our life great we have many demands to cover up. Anyone wants big house or some wants to enjoy with shopping and some people don't see others people happiness. All of this things only gives us tension and makes our life tensed.

HellBlade Announced for Sony PS4 | ModernLifeTimes

Ninja Theory, are the UK based developer that created DmC: Devil May Cry, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavenly Sword. In their new digital game, Hellblade, to take these three key strengths to the next level. Hellblade will be an experience focused on delivering a deep character in a twisted world, with brutal uncompromising combat.

Started a business and want to let everyone know your contact details or your website url in just a sec and you don't even have to write anything. Yep sometimes we don't have time to write or give detailed information about our biz to the people, and this let you loose your clients or customers if they not fully know about your services or business type.

IKEA's New Awesome Way to Travel in Time | ModernLifeTimes

Time travel is very awesome to experience and we always want to know about our past and future. It's interesting if we have power to know about our past life or upcoming future, so that it's easy for us to manage the situation and take precaution, and make ourself ready for it.

Spigen Nexus 5 Case Ultra Thin Air {Review} | ModernLifeTimes

Spigen is widely known brand for their mobile phone accessories like cases, screen protector, mobile charger, mobile holder and more can check about their products on website for more in details what they offer. As today i am going to review Spigen Ultra Thin Air case for Nexus 5 which i ordered via online e-commerce site.

Ways Of Acquiring Customers At Scale (Infographic) | ModernLifeTimes

Business always need a plan and to make any plan successful it's requires our hard work and creativity. if you want to make profit from your business, it's dosen't matter what you do or whatever your business is, it maybe a ecommerce site, small home based business or many others etc..

Photron Stedy 450 Tripod (Review) | ModernLifeTimes

Photron Stedy 450 with this efficient tripod, you not only capture professionally but also explore your skills in capturing beautiful shots. if you just step in the photography world then this will be your better option as per quality and price it's awesome deal.

Spice launched Fire One Mi - FX 1 Firefox OS | ModernLifeTimes

Spice Retail Ltd today launched the country's first Firefox OS powered smartphone, Spice Fire One Mi - FX 1 at price of Rs 2,299, targeting feature phone users, who want to switch to smartphones. Prashant Bindal, Chief Executive Officer, Spice Mobility Ltd, said, "This is a step towards enabling the dreams of the small town masses of connecting with their aspirations through affordable smartphones.

5 Hot WordPress Directory & Listings Themes (August 2014) | ModernLifeTimes

WordPress is very popular cms platform and many website design build according to it. Website design matter most to the clients and the service provider, if your site attracts the visitors then you may have more sales and traffic. So for this many theme developer created many beautiful wordpress themes.