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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 06, 2014
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8 Common Car Accidents

Many types of car accidents occur everyday, but some types of accidents are more common than others. Although types of car accidents occur more frequently, crashes can happen at any speed and any location.

Low Speed Accidents

Some of the most common car accidents in Utah occur when vehicles are moving at less than 10 miles per hour. Generally, these accidents cause small bumps or scratches and happen when individuals are backing up or driving through a neighborhood.

Front Crash

Frontal collisions generally give drivers more time to see the other vehicle and slow down. However, these crashes can be fairly serious when they happen with stationary objects like trees and parked cars.

When individuals are involved in a frontal crash, they often acquire a head, neck or back injury. Individuals who sustain a personal injury in a car crash should immediately contact one of their local lawyers to discuss their specific injury.

Rear Accident

Drivers who experience this type of crash are often distracted and unable to react. Due to this, it is often easy to determine which car is at fault in the event of an accident.

Although rear crashes are often avoidable, they cause many personal injuries in Utah. Fortunately, personal injury lawyers are well acquainted with this type of crash and can help victims receive the help they need after an accident.

Side Impact

Side impact crashes often lead to an injury because they put uneven stress on a vehicle. This stress often creates spinal injuries and concussions. Furthermore, when a car is hit from the side, its glass is more likely to break and harm a driver.
Personal injury lawyers know that side impact crashes are some of the most dangerous accidents and understand how to help anyone who has been injured in this type of crash.

Intersection Crash

Intersection accidents often occur when drivers run red lights and stop signs. In Utah, this is a common accident that is caused by individuals who make improper left turns.

Pedestrian Accident

Although hitting a pedestrian in a car is a freighting occurrence, it is not uncommon. Utah drivers that harm a pedestrian should immediately make sure the individual is OK and seek the necessary medical help.

Pedestrians who sustain a personal injury from a car accident should immediately contact several lawyers and select a lawyer to represent their case.

Animal Collision

In Utah, many drivers experience a run-in with an animal. Drivers who hit an animal should ensure that their passengers are not injured. They should also call the police department to report the accident.

Vehicle Rollover

Rollovers often occur when individuals take sharp turns at high speeds. However, they can often take place after two cars collide. Individuals who are involved in a rollover often experience head and neck injuries.

Utah residents who are harmed in this type of crash should immediately seek medical attention. After the individual is medically stabilized, they should contact one of their local lawyers to determine if they can file a personal injury case.




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