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Wind Energy

This page is about wind energy in India and across the world

Wind power plant & projects | Wind power energy generation, wind farm india

Windforce-management is involved in Wind power plant, wind farm india, Windfarm project development these are high performance projects, WinDForce is a company that can hand-hold you to successfully implement your windfarm project

wind resource assessment | wind energy consultants & companies | wind energy systems

Windforce-management - wind power project consulting offering wind energy systems, wind power generators, wind energy power plant, wind resource assessment with wind farm india.

WindForce - wind energy knowledge bank
WindForce has developed a strong Knowledge base on wind energy and Wind Turbine Technologies. It is an organized wind farm Design company in India which is main aim to provide Wind Resource Assessment Tehnologies and Approaches and the best support during the construction of a renewable energy development in all technical expects around the World.
wind farm developer | Turnkey Development Of Wind farms

Windforce-management is a wind farm developer and a trunkey for development of wind farms, It is using most sophisticated scientific techniques to identify the best wind resource sites.

wind project implementation | wind power generators | wind farm construction

Windforce-management is a great wind power generators which is executed more than 150 MW wind farm construction projects in India as Owner's Engineer. Through its extensive knowledge of issues involved in project implementation WinDForce is fully geared to ensure wind projects get implemented as per the agreed contract terms with full adherence to desired quality standards and project schedule.

Wind Power Generators in India | Wind Turbine Generator System and Design

Windforce-management is an India based wind energy consultant, describe about the wind power generators system. Generator is one of the most important components in a wind turbine and primordial to its system and design. While the blades transfer the kinetic energy of the wind to rotational energy in the transmission system, the generator transforms that mechanical energy into electric power for the grid.

Technical Wind farms Due Diligence to the Wind Energy Power Plants

WinDForce also offers Technical wind farms due diligence to investors who are lookin to invest in both new greenfield projects as well as acquire existing wind assests. The company has already caried out due diligence for more than 700 MW of wind farms, both greenfield and brown field.

WinDForce wind project services for Investors in Wind Power Projects

wind project services of WinDForce, with its extensive knowledge base of the wind industry and fair understanding of wind climatology in India, is in a unique position to guide prospective investors and lenders to invest and lend in the growing wind sector.

Windforce-management on the one hand, carries out detailed engineering and scientific studies for windfarm projects, wind energy project and on the other, offers integrated solutions for wind farm development that includes project / deal structuring, power purchase agreements and electricity offtake arrangements among a host of other services.

WinDForce Management Services Pvt Ltd(WFMS) is an India based MNC with consulting experience in India, Malaysia, Kenya, Japan, Mauritius and Thailand; . It is already Provided services to Renew Power, Green Infra, Ministry of Energy - Kenya, IRENA, Olympus Capital, PFS, The World Bank, SEDA Malaysia, IDFC, ONGC, Coca Cola, Bharat Light & Power, Bhilwara Group, KSK, Tata Power, Reliance and many others.

WinDForce has extensive experience and deep insights in whole gamut of wind power project development including wind climatology, wind turbine technologies, wind project implementation and management. Our team has more than 200+ man years of experience in wind energy development. We have assembled an ideal team that is able to provide the best quality solutions for implementation of wind projects.

Windforce-management provides the best technical operation and maintenance consulting services for all the existing wind farms in India and all over the world. The aim of WinDForce wind farm technical management consulting services is to focusses on preventive and predictive operation and maintenance as well as condition monitoring of wind turbines, availability of spares, minimised downtime due to early action in repair and maintenance.

WinDForce is developing a 100 MW wind farm in Tamil Nadu in the district of Tirunelveli. This region is one of the highest PLF regions in the state of Tamil Nadu with gross PLF in excess of 30

WinDForce - Extensive Site Prospecting and Resource Assessment exercises

WinDForce undertakes extensive Site Prospecting and Resource Assessment exercises. It offers services to investors in Windfarm development for management of a Wind speed monitoring programme, review, analysis and re-validation of site specific wind speeds, energy density mapping and etc.