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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 05, 2014
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8 Things Your Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Insurance companies are in the business to make money. Period. As such, there is some information out there they would prefer their customers were unaware of, information that can result in them paying out more money than they would like to.

Their Initial Settlements Are Low-Balled

In most cases, the initial settlement an insurance company offers the insured is generally the least amount they feel they can give and get away with. Personal injury lawyers from Utah to New York are wise to these practices and can help get the most out of a settlement.

They Want to Limit Your Treatment

Insurance companies often pressure victims to avoid “unnecessary” medical expenses. If a doctor prescribes a particular treatment or medication, one has the right to include that in their expense sheet to be paid by insurers.

They Want You to Deny Injury

Nobody likes to make a fuss over him or herself. Insurance companies are crossing their fingers in hopes that injured victims make the initial claim that they feel fine and don’t need medical treatment.

Even if one feels well enough to walk away from a car accident on a Utah highway, injuries can later develop into something more serious. Claiming no injury at a scene can work against victims in court later on.

Employers Can’t Fire You From Filing Workers Comp

There are laws that protect employees from being fired if they file for workers compensation due to an injury.

They Have 30 Days to Respond to an Accident Claim

Once an accident claim is submitted to an employer, insurance companies have 30 days to accept, deny or investigate the claim. If no action is taken, one should heed legal counsel from personal injury lawyers.  

You Aren’t Obligated to Give Them a Recorded Statement

Insurance companies sometimes attempt to trick victims into saying something on record that will reduce the amount or nullify a claim. A recommended tactic is to hire a lawyer to act as a representative.

Ambiguous Language is Beneficial reports that insurance companies often use murky language in hopes they can get out of paying out for certain claims. If it can be shown that the coverage is unclear, they are required to pay a settlement.

They Don’t Want You to Hire Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal injury lawyers are the best way to ensure individuals are protected against false insurance claims and get the most out of settlements.




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