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Updated by Nadin Murrey on Jul 15, 2015
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Best 20 Tools for Designers

Since the internet is more accessible now, many tools and services for web designers are made available. This post tackles about the top 20 tools for web designers and what they could expect from it.




HotJar is one of the few tools that offer essential knowledge when it comes to website design. This platform was able to unify all of the functionalities that designers need for them to generate pertinent data as to how a website is used, allowing website owners and developers to have a more effective conversion plan and improve the overall appeal of it.


ZippyPixels enables web developers and designers to stay atop their game. Compared to other tools for graphic designers that cost a fortune, this platform is quite affordable, enabling them to have the best resources to execute their creative process.




Giverz is one of the best websites that you can go to when it comes to enhancing a website’s project that’s tight on the budget. All that web developers and owners have to do is to go to their website and sign up for their mailing list. Any website owner can take advantage of their giveaways, whether past or current ones.


PSDHTML Service is a necessity that every website owner and developer must have. This website offers the best tools for designers. This website offers many services that include PSD file conversion to HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OsCommerce and Joomla. All that a designer should is to upload their file to their website and they will be the one to the coding as testing and verification of the design before its approval.


ShrinkTheWeb is a good web development tool helping mobile and web app developers to save lots of time. What they have is a platform offering a fully automated system that depends on screenshots that’s capable of scaling, meeting any demands.


DealFuel is one good website to go to when it comes to the best deals and resources that any designer and developer can take advantage of online. This website offers high quality WordPress themes, online tutorial services and dedicated software.

Stamplia builder

Stamplia builder is a great tool that could help web developers who seek to create multiple email templates in order for its customers to save time and money. These tools for designers enable one to manage and write codes in just minutes.


RumbleTalk has some of the best tools that developers and designers can use to create, manage and implement an elegant HTML5 chat room. This tool helps website owners to present healthy relationships with their clients through a well-developed chat room.




Paddle is a company based in London offering eCommerce platform that removes any annoyances to sell digital contents online. This service enables web owners and developers not to worry about tax handling, payment processing, customer support, delivery and file hosting since the website handles it all for their customers.


BrowseEmAll is one of the most valuable tools for web designers and developers to determine any compatibility issues right off the bat. This tool has a mobile simulator that can be used across any web browser.

eCommerce Website Builder Software - Cloudcart

CloudCart enables web owners and developers to have an appealing online store. What’s good about this website is that they have the best resources for secure hosting, CDN and desktop and mobile browsing.

jQAPI - Alternative jQuery Documentation Browser

jQAPI is one of the best tools for graphic designers, web developers and owners to have when it comes to having an initiative regarding a documentation browser. This will help any programmer to locate what they need, allowing them to browse and download it offline.

Opinion Stage

Opinion Stage is one of the best services for web owners to have when it comes to polling for opinions from their clients. This service enables web owners to boost their engagement through a standard poll within their website.

Wpeka Club - Premium WordPress Plugins and Themes

WPEka Club is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to web development. This website has the tools for graphic designers and web developers, enabling them to work with a WordPress platform that’s endless.

New Relic: Application Performance Management & Monitoring

New Relic is a perfect tool for use when it comes to generating performance data about their website and applications. This will provide web owners and developers to clearly understand if their apps are functioning well.

Luvly Digital designs marketplace: cute fonts, vectors, clipart

Luvly provides websites to have a great aesthetic appeal. They have some of the best tools for graphic designers to help create a refreshing visual aspect of a website.

Inspiration Hut - Daily Art and Design Inspiration and Downloads

Inspiration Hut is a storage area, holding various creative resources that users can have access to any time. Their creative team searches for the best creative download, helping their users to have the best resources for use in their creative process.

OOcharts * The Simple API for Google Analytics™

OOcharts is a web service that helps developers and owners access to all the information that’s provided by Google Analytics through an elegant, intuitive dashboard.




Fiddler is a fully customizable, free web-debugging substitute that would work across any web browser, system or platform. This enables its users to debug traffic from their Mac, PC or Linux based systems and mobile devices.

Web Starter Kit - Web Fundamentals

Web Starter Kit is one of the best tools that help developers to create a website that would run on multiple devices that includes a built-in HTTP server, performance optimization and many more.