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Renewable Energy Company In India

Enlisted here are India's best policy for energy sources as well as renewable energy company In India
Renewable Energy Policy and Companies in India

Renewable resource is a natural resources i.e. sun, wind flow circulation movement, rainwater, tides and can be reused again and again as and when needed. They are available in a lot and by far most the greenest resources of power available on the planet.

Electric Utilities Programme and Efficient Usage of Electricity

As we know that, the power we obtain from the sun can be used to produce electricity. In the same way,power from wind flow circulation movement, geothermal power energy,biomass from vegetation, tides can be used following the principle of law when needed.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Recycling of products is important with respect to perfect environment and people basic's need. The environment can be protected by recycling of products and not throwing in the garbage as a waste because it causes air pollution, water pollution, soil erosion and many other problems which put an adverse effect on the environmental conditions. Apart from this, it also helps people to easily recover the products without investing much money and man's labor in quality type.

Future Perspectives for Renewable Energy in India

India is fast emerging as one of the largest producers of vehicles and may soon surpass other nations. Green energy sources are therefore much needed to lead to a future of environmental sustainability and economic prosperity to fight against the rising concerns with respect to India’s air pollution and effects of harmful emissions on the environment.

Renewable Energy in India

As per the account of a World Bank study, approximately four hundred million homes in India do not have the access to electricity. A collaborative effort of governments and Indian power companies can do much to increase the overall power generation capacity and needs of the country.

Sustainable Urban Transport in India

The Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation aims at making renewable energy central to India’s energy infrastructure. As the transport system is the lifeline of any economy, it is of utmost importance that a sustainable system is created so that there are more possibilities for the economy to boom.

Vehicle and Fuel Efficiency Norms in India
Shakti Foundation supports Standards and Labelling Programme of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)to increase efficiency of vehicles in India as India is the sixth largest producer of passenger vehicles in the world.
Energy Efficient Appliances in the Market
Shakti Foundation works in support of Appliances Labelling Programme in order to meet the energy demand in India. This Appliances Labelling Programme facilitates techno-economic analysis of the appliances market, investing to increase the receptivity of efficient appliances in the market etc.
Rural Electrification Programme in India
Shakti Foindation supports Energy Access Programme which focuses on rural electricity access through development of off-grid solutions using renewable energy.