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Updated by Fusion 360 on Nov 04, 2014
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8 Defining Characteristics that Sets Ford Apart

The name “Ford” is synonymous with the automotive industry from Utah to the East Coast. While the motor vehicle juggernaut is prominently known for its models like the F150 and Mustang, there is set of other features that distinguish Ford amongst its competitors.


Few would argue against the fact that Ford birthed the automotive industry. It was the original Henry Ford that imagined producing automobiles for public purchase, then executed that dream. Ford’s inventive spirit also developed the first assembly line, which has evolved outside of automobiles into traditional factory models.

Warriors in Pink

Ford’s philanthropic efforts are worthy of note. The “Warriors in Pink” is a breast cancer awareness and fundraising campaign sponsored by Ford. The company has raised over $125,000,000 to date, dedicated to the cause.

International Presence

Though Ford is an United States based, the company is present all over the world. Ford’s factory plants are located in North America, Europe, Oceania, East and Southeast Asia, South and West Asia, South America and Africa.


During the automotive industry crisis in 2009, the Ford Motor Company was the only dealer of the big three (Chrysler, Ford, General Motors) who refused government funded bailout money.

Environmental Initiative

Another distinguishing feature for this automotive behemoth is its dedication to developing fuel efficient and alternative models. This includes compressed gas vehicles, flexible fuel vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, hydrogen and fuel efficient vehicles.

Motorsport Cred

Ford is a strong presence in the motorsport world. Boasting titles at the FIA World Championships, the Ford Company creates models that compete in stock car racing, formula one events, rallying, touring events and sports car races.

Ranks Among Top International Sellers

Ford’s gross sales rank among the highest car manufacturers in the world, selling over 30 million vehicles total during the past decade. Of its models, the F150 has consistently been Ford’s most popular vehicle in its inventory for over 32 years.




Mitchell Reber is a writer for Henry Day Ford. He writes for Fusion 360, an advertising agency in Utah. Find him on Google+

Top Selling Truck Manufacturer

Ford’s F-Series, which includes the F150, holds the number one ranking for highest number of pickup trucks sold from Utah to New York.

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